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July 25, 2007
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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,Business and academia are different worlds in our universe, functioning light years apart. Thank goodness the Ward Churchill episode is unlikely to occur in the business world.For nearly six years, Churchill has remained a disgrace and embarrassment to the University of Colorado, starting with his contemptible September 2001 essay on 9/11, berating victims and arguing U.S. foreign policies provoked the attack. Further investigation resulted in charges of guilt on seven counts of research misconduct.In May 2006, an investigative committee concurred, recommending dismissal. Now, after mountains of negative press and years of waste and wrangling, the Board of Regents finally voted 8 to 1 to fire him, at last - decisive, but why not unanimous? Does Boulder's Regent, Cindy Carlisle, approve of his behavior? Compare this situation to the real world. Assume that a sales manager suspects that a salesman is guilty of misconduct, is disgraceful and harmful to the company. Investigation reveals that the man is misrepresenting the company's products, making invalid claims, falsifying his travel itineraries, etc.Well, the sales manager doesn't need an investigative committee or board of regents or a chancellor to take action. Once the proper documentation is in order, an exit interview - termination, that is - takes place with a witness present. Within minutes the justification is validated and the firing process complete. In business it is all about appropriate consequences for dishonesty and misbehavior coupled with a sense of urgency to avoid further damage.In academia, why must a blockade called tenure protect the guilty and derail the wheels of justice? It is absurd.Thank goodness, in general, the commerce of our nation is not stymied by tenure, or our economy would be at a standstill instead of thriving as it is today. God bless America!Richard DoranParachute

Dear Editor,I would like to respond to a recent letter from Jack Blankenship concerning his naïve defense of the Bush administration. Surely his letter was well-intentioned, but my advice to him is to wake up and smell the coffee.He has failed to grasp the terrible truth that the well-being of ordinary citizens is no big concern to George Bush and his cronies. For them, the U.S.A. and all its assets (including our military might) are for sale, with enormous profits going directly to their political backers. If you want proof, all you need to do is follow the money. The legacies of this administration are massive public debt, neglected infrastructures, slashed domestic spending programs, gutted environmental protections, and vanishing international goodwill. Small wonder that public approval for the Bush administration is down around 30 percent.Oh, and yes, they did lie to the American people about Iraq. Does anyone honestly believe we would be there if it weren't for the oil?Kenneth JonesGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,ExxonMobil is the only oil giant directly funding global warming denier groups. The company's own public records show that through 2006, ExxonMobil has spent up to $21 million bankrolling global warming denier groups like the Heartland Institute, which describes global warming as nothing more than "environmental alarmism."Leo BlylerGlenwood Springs

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