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January 14, 2010
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In his Jan. 13 letter Mr. Hunter defends this countries drift into socialism by citing "good" socialistic programs such as Social Security and others that are beneficial and necessary. However, public education should be a responsibility of local school boards with no interference at the federal level. Food stamps and unemployment insurance are very often not limited to those in dire need. As long as unemployment checks keep coming, some people prefer not looking for work. These are called unemployable in the latest statistics.

The most destructive feature of socialism is the cost to future generations. How will our grandchildren and their grandchildren and their grandchildren ever pay off the cost of these "good" programs?

FDR injected socialism into our government, LBJ gave it a huge boost with his "Great Society", but these were both pikers compared the Obama gang and their plans for reshaping America.

Dick Prosence


How dare Michael Steele talk about Democrats' double-standard, Reid vs. Lott? Lott was supporting a known segregationist, not Reid.

Also, didn't Steele hear Glenn Beck say "African-American" doesn't refer to one's race? What about "Asian-American"? And why isn't the "liberal media" covering that "story"?

Typical Republican hypocrisy...

J. Andrew Smith

Bloomfield, NJ

A good point, Mr. Hilleary, to exercise one's brain, provided that one does not have enough going on in one's life to keep the brain exercised. A better reason to learn a new language would be to be able to communicate in a country that speaks said language, I would think.

Do the people in Mexico speak English? No, not all, at least not to cater to English speaking visitors or transplants. Why is it then, that America thinks that it must cater to the Mexican immigrants that can't or won't learn English? I have nothing against the Mexican people except that a large portion of them don't speak English, or won't. I think most understand English more than they would have us believe, but won't or can't learn to speak English because they don't think they have to.

Immigrants to America have always realized that to fit in and therefore better themselves in this country they need to adapt. Also, if you look at your history books, a country with more than one culture and language almost always falls. I'm not saying that anybody should abandon their roots, but if immigrants want to be Americans, they need to adapt to where they are, hence the expression "when in Rome, do as the Romans do."

And I'm still wondering what language those real estate ads are in, and why. Can anybody enlighten me on that, seeing as how I don't have the time or inclination to learn any new languages at this time?

Phil Amonette


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