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December 14, 2011
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Dear Editor,

I am the grandfather of one of the Windsor football players and am retired, so I tend to look for the larger experience when I go to the football games.

Regarding the game (Nov. 19) it seemed like a David and Goliath story because of the size difference between the teams. When the bears answered Windsor's first touchdown, I felt it was going to be a close game, and "Goliath" would have their hands full. There was a lot of anxiety in the Windsor stands until the fourth quarter because we knew that the Bears could score quickly at any time. You could see the tenacity of the Bears on every play. They seemed to have no fear of the larger Windsor players. They played with heart, and the Rifle community has a lot to be proud of.

Regarding the larger experience, I was touched by the friendliness of your community from the motel staff, people in the eating places, and others I talked to. I felt welcome in your community. Your announcer was outstanding. He was the most unbiased announcer of any that I can remember. The moment of silence was touching when we found out the losses the school has gone though this year. At the end of the game he made some special remarks to the students, and the last words were to remind the students to get their homework done. Great touch.

While I was going to the parking lot I saw a service worker with a Rifle baseball cap on, and he looked up with a smile and said to have a safe trip home.

I want to thank all those that fought to keep the field clear, and the Rifle community in general for providing an unforgettable experience. I left with a warm heart.

Walt Brink

Severance, CO

Over the past year, certain community members, businesses, and private foundations have donated money to the RHS band program to start a marching band. This money has allowed us to purchase a new drum line and, very soon, new marching band uniforms so that we can continue to spread music throughout the city and valley and make this community proud.

From all of us at Rifle High School, thank you so much for your generosity and your support of the arts.

A Special Thank you to:

Ryan and Elizabeth McKenzie: $18,000

The Clough Foundation: $42,000

The Cecil G. and Jessie L. Deardorff Memorial Trust: $1,000

Williams Production: $1,000

American National Bank: $200

Ryan Monarch

Rifle High School Director of Bands

Dear Editor,

The Occupy movement is not objection to millionaires. (I never met a person who didn't wish they were a millionaire). The Occupiers are protesting financial injustices.

The revolving doors and decisions of economists, lobbyists, corporate boards, and Congress produce continual legislation and policies serving big money interests at the expense of working class Americans. These cozy relationships eliminated governmental oversights and collapsed our economy. The perpetrators got bailouts and bonuses.

Hedge fund managers pay 15 percent tax rates on their earnings; many teachers and firemen pay 28 percent. Corporations with official "domiciles" in the Cayman Islands or armies of tax lawyers and accountants avoid paying any federal income taxes. U.S. corporations' contribution to federal revenue is about half of what it was forty years ago. CEOs used to get compensation that was on average 40 times what their working-class employees made. Now this CEO/labor ratio is closer to 350 times. The big fossil-fuel energy companies have history-breaking profits but still get tax breaks.

Politicians want to clobber Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, but throw billions of dollars maintaining 700+ foreign military bases. The U.S. government GAO couldn't even account for $10 billion given out to war profiteers in Iraq.

Congress reduced taxes on wealthy parties for the last ten years because "they were the job creators". Trouble is, the jobs they created were in China, Malaysia, Korea and India.

Our democratic election process has been so hijacked by big money that it takes millions of dollars to even gain a legislative seat. Thus, we no longer have a citizen Congress but one that is mostly comprised of those who have exploited, and will continue to foster, all of the aforementioned scenarios.

Joel Prudhomme

Grand Junction

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