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February 24, 2012
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HOFFMAN: Mash up of rants

Here's what been running through my brain recently. Perhaps, I'm just pondering the imponderables.


Why is our airport board running expensive ads telling us how good they are doing? The job they really should do for us is provide reasonably priced air travel. They have not. They should not waste our money running ads.

Some will argue it is not our money, but it is our airport and we do have a vested interest. We know from press reports that Councilman Pitts was booted off the airport board and replaced by Mayor Kenyon. The mayor wants the city to be more in touch with the goings on out there on Aviator Way. The implication seems to be that Pitts, who owns a plane that has been stored and serviced at the airport for decades, is not in touch?

Those ads trumpet the accomplishments out at the airport, but what are they not telling us? We have heard lots of complaints from the general aviation folks at the airport. Some claim the airport is ruining their business; they are going leave and some have already left. Rumors seems to be swirling around also about a significant decrease in the number of take-offs and landings. Don't think any of that was covered in those pricey ads. Did our mayor think these ads would make us feel more in touch with the airport? Maybe instead of spending this money on advertising, the airport board could subsidize travel costs of those of us who feel the need to drive to Denver or Salt Lake City to make affordable connections. Now that would be serving the traveling public!


Taxpayers of late have grown a bit aggravated with perks or privileges provided the political elite and federal/state/county/city employees. Whether it is a pension earned with a few years of service, health care provided free, or stay-out-of-jail cards, the public has begun saying "enough."

We probably pay our city employees a fair wage. Certainly, they receive a benefit and retirement package virtually non-existent in the private sector. Can they not afford to pay full price for a round of golf or to go swimming? I just read that our city council allows them discounts on both. Seems it used to be free, so I guess there is some form of austerity stirring at city hall.

If you or I want to play golf or swim at reduced rates, we can purchase discount cards at a set price. I think our city employees can afford to do the same. If city council does not agree, then maybe they could have a "you pay what we pay" sale for the taxpayers who make this all possible.


Since when did roundabouts affiliate politically? A contributor in The Daily Sentinel "You Said It" column noted that roundabouts were "socialist." Certainly, we all have our opinions about these traffic control devices championed by our city, but "socialist"? Guess over-the-top rhetoric has become so commonplace, it has become displaced. Anything with which you disagree has become obviously "socialist."

One reader e-mailed me about that. She speculated that roundabouts first developed in the time of the Roman Republic. Since socialism did not exist at that time in history, and since Rome was a republic, she further speculated that roundabouts must be Republican.


Why is it some people on Facebook persist on disseminating doctored pictures and false quotes that promote their bias? You know what I'm talking about; you've undoubtedly encountered this - those dissimulating disseminators of falsehoods.

Upon being educated that the picture was Photoshopped, or the quote disavowed, they remain unrepentant. It seems so long as the sentiment expressed fits their biased need, the use or misuse of disinformation is justified. If your case is so weak you cannot defend it with actual facts, quotes and photos, you probably only further weaken it by these tactics. Pandering to your base on the left and right you fail to convert anyone but do manage to escalate hostilities. Perhaps keeping us all at odds with one another is your actual goal.


Jim Hoffman is a local real estate broker and investor who is trying to move from semi-retired to retired. He needs to retire to devote more time to unpaid interests such as skiing, camping and fishing. Choose the next local/regional topic he should rant about; email editor@gjfreepress.com.

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