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March 29, 2012
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GUEST COLUMN: It's time to circle the wagons

No, I'm not talking about protecting us from the Indians.

When I talk about circling the wagons I'm talking about preparing ourselves for some impending disaster, very obvious yet totally unknown as far as what or when. I am not talking about the end of the world, or doom and gloom. I am talking about rising gas and food prices creating nationwide economic disaster, maybe an earthquake, the Yellowstone volcano, or a paralyzing solar flare happening.

I am equally aware of the evening news and wondering when Iran and Russia will invade Israel or when Venezuela is going to launch a missile at America. These things can happen and we need to think like a "frontiersman"; we need to become survivors.

For me and over three million (known preparers) other people, it's time to "circle the wagons." It's time to prepare for the unknown, to get ready to store food and necessities to sustain life. I'm smiling, I'm happy, and I'm a positive person who is going to be a survivor.

The whole objective of this column is to get you thinking, to get you to write down ideas, and, to have you take positive surviving action.

1. You need a plan and a schedule to make things happen. Without a good plan and schedule you could be starving just like the millions who didn't believe. You need a "family" who you can trust and who believe in the same things that you do, to help plan, to help do some of the work, and to have ideas.

2. Your safe location. You need to decide what you need to make your "safe location," to have gardens, water, safety, protection, etc., for you and your family. Your needs will decide if your home or a remote area is best for your situation. There are many safe areas throughout the country, pick the one that suits you best.

3. Depending upon the type of crisis, the potential disaster, and the length of time you estimate you're going to have to be self-sufficient, will dictate the amount of dried or canned food and water you will store. Plan on at least one to two years of food, water, medical, soap, toilet items, games, reading material, your Bible, etc., for "your family." Your family will include you, two or three close friends (if you don't have close family), or, your immediate family, etc. You can't do this alone, you need support and encouragement.

4. Survival gear will include a hunting rifle, protection side arms, lots of ammunition, knives, compass, maps, various hand tools, non-hybrid seeds, rope, sleeping bags, fishing tackle, blankets, some laying chickens, and some happy milk goats. More as you decide what is needed.

This is a very brief overview. Its intent is to get you thinking, to wake you up in the middle of the night and get you to write down ideas and needed things, and then, to get you to take action. Good luck!


John M. Vestman, a resident of Grand Junction, is a "prepper" or survivalist, one who is dedicated to preparing in the event of social, political or climate disaster. Reach him at

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