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June 13, 2012
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Letters to the Editor - June 14, 2012

I live in the immediate vicinity of the Dodea family. I don't know the family well. We usually only interact when either their or my dogs get loose and cross the street to investigate, but they have always struck me as quiet, friendly folks.

Speaking of quiet, I work from my home, and am home almost all day during the week. I have NEVER been disturbed by chickens. I've never even heard them, never been awakened by them, never had them interrupt an important call. In fact, I didn't know the family had them until I peered over the fence one day on my way downtown. The neighborhood dogs (including my own) are much louder than any "fowl" noises coming from the Dodea yard.

I'm not sure, who, if anyone, complained about the chickens. We certainly didn't. In fact, my fiancee wants to ask to adopt some of the Dodea's chickens if it comes down to that. We have zero problems with what they are doing on their property, and would be happy to make statements to that effect at any hearing.

While the property zoning may be multi-family, the Dodea's home is a single-family residence. Surely that fact, and the fact the house almost certainly predates zoning laws, should allow for a relatively painless zoning change or variance. Surely the police or other city officials, were they motivated by a desire to resolve conflict rather than assert a ridiculously heavy handed amount of authority, could help with this?

I can't believe the best way for the city to handle a ZONING violation would involve search warrants (!!!), arrests, armed officers or any of the like. For crying out loud, in most cities, code enforcement does not even have a criminal component.

Jeff Newman


I find it interesting that Rifle is getting so big that chickens are becoming a neighborhood nuisance or hazard (?) I guess you can never "go back home" as the saying goes, because Rifle must not be the small town that I remember.

Perhaps Ms. Dodea should consider applying for a "free range chicken" permit, or whatever would allow her to raise these chickens as "free range." In Kansas and other parts of the U.S., I understand those who sell these types of chickens get about $20-$25 per chicken. Good luck to you, Ms. Dodea.

Rebecca Williams

Paola, Kan.

I am truly blessed to have grown up in this "land of the free because of the brave," having reached a "ripe old age" while remaining reasonably sane and in exceptionally good health.

Actually, I'm so old I can remember when politicians were elected based upon their qualifications and their campaign commitments. This was back before elections were bought by big money interests and those elected merely became pawns of special interest groups. Obama raised $746 million to win in 2008. I wonder if the 2012 election will cost $1 billion dollars to buy the presidency?

Now that we are in the PC age, the whole spectrum of "values" is muddled with political correctness that is simply beyond the scope of common sense and reason. This absolute nonsense ranges from being alive as " temporarily metabolically abled" to dead as "metabolically challenged." Being old, I am "chronologically gifted." Now that is a compliment!

I also treasure the good old days when life's fundamental values and family moral values were clearly understood and wholeheartedly accepted. Back when there was absolutely no doubt that marriage could only be between a man and a woman. Now we have "civil unions" about which one of our Colorado state senators says, "It is not gay marriage. It is a different thing."

Although William Shakespeare said in Romeo and Juliet, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet," that does not mean that a marriage by any other name would still be as genuine.

So, I am saying it now: A same sex marriage by any other name is still a union between lesbians or male homosexuals! It is not a "different thing!"

What's more, in accordance with the latest PC definitions, even if I am wrong, I am simply "differently logical." God Bless America!

Richard Doran


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