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July 3, 2012
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Letters to the Editor - July 5, 2012

It is refreshing to see someone stand up for their constitutional rights. When I read the first article about Jo Ann Dodea and her chickens, I was quite taken back. Colorado being a "right to farm" state and Rifle being such a rural community, it makes sense that people can raise their own food. In fact, I have seen multiple articles and classes in the Post Independent encouraging just this.

I am glad to hear in this recent article that the charges were dropped, but I believe that her civil rights were violated. I think her treatment was unjust and the militarylike response by the Rifle Police Department, using Gestapolike tactics to arrest a poor woman for chickens, is uncalled for. I can only hope that there are repercussions to everyone involved. I am ashamed of the abuse of power that occurred in this situation.

And I offer to you, Jo Ann Dodea, wherever you are, Fight, Fight, Fight!

Kori Reese


Editor's note: Jo Ann Dodea was arrested on May 31 after she refused to sign a summons for having domestic fowl on her property. At the time, there were no chickens in her yard, which she had relocated after about two months of interactions with police. Her arrest was for the five geese present on her property at the time, which her boyfriend said he owned and he paid the fine.

Our founding fathers had great wisdom and judgment in the balance of power concept that they perceived would best serve our form of government.

Unfortunately, they failed to take into consideration the human frailties that have become so evident during the current administration. Executive orders have replaced proper legislation. Congressional inactivity has stifled growth and disabled the economy. Judicial injustice has made a mockery of our court system. The intended balance of power with checks and balances has, instead, become government run wild.

Now, the Supreme Court has provided the most recent example of further disgrace in their decision to redefine cruel and unusual punishment. Why is it not surprising the liberal influence on the court was instrumental in a decision that will undoubtedly free more than 2,000 juveniles who are justifiably serving life sentences, most for committing heinous crimes?

Consider the illogic of this one example. Why is it cruel and unusual punishment to sentence a 17-year-old juvenile to life imprisonment for bludgeoning to death a 42-year-old mother and her 11-year-old daughter with a baseball bat? Didn't the victims suffer more from cruel and unusual punishment than the teenager who committed these vicious murders?

Well, thanks to the wisdom of our highest judiciary, murderers like this young monster are likely to be rewarded with new trials that will undoubtedly set them free to join law abiding citizens.

In my generation, the Three Stooges provided comic relief with their wild, but harmless behavior. Unfortunately, the "five stooges" who are responsible - Justices Kagan, Kennedy, Ginsburg, Breyer, and Sotomayor - are not providing relief in any form, but have simply devised another travesty of justice.

"Supreme" Court is a misnomer. Furthermore, reading the decision is a form of cruel and unusual punishment.

Richard Doran


I enjoy seeing the time and temperature at the Rifle High School track. I'm sure other people enjoy seeing them, too.

But this summer, the sign is unfortunately turned off. I would like the administration to change this policy.

Shari Tharp


This is a wonderful time of year and there are so many yard sales to be found. Please do us all a favor and pick up your signs advertising your yard sale when it's over.

If yard sale signs aren't removed from street signs or street corners when the sale is over, they should be considered litter and a ticket and fine given to the address on the sign. Please keep our beautiful area clean.

Pam Kite


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