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August 1, 2012
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As I finish up my work in Oak Harbor, and begin the preparations to move to Rifle, I wanted to take an opportunity to thank everyone who I have been in contact with over the past month.

The city, including the city manager, assistant city manager, City Council members, and HR director have been helpful and extremely professional. The members of the Rifle Police Department have been contacting me with thoughtful and useful input for the transition period. Chief Meisner has been extremely helpful, showing his care for the department and a desire for a smooth transition.

I could ask for nothing more in coming to a new city and am sure I will be welcomed warmly. My wife and I are looking forward to coming to Rifle, and I will do all I can to make sure the Rifle Police Department is a department we can all be proud of.

John Dyer

Oak Harbor, Wash.

The White House has announced that "Obama will not push for stricter gun laws this election year." Whew, that is a huge relief for those of us dedicated proponents of the Second Amendment.

For all you naysayers, who fear that Obama may not be true to his word, consider this small sample of well-documented promises:

I will have the most transparent administration in history.

I will close Guantanamo within a year.

I will cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term.

I don't take PAC money.

I don't have lobbyists.

I didn't know Jeremiah Wright was radical.

I barely know Rezko.

I will get rid of earmarks.

I never practiced Islam.

I was a constitutional lawyer.

Although TOTUS (Ed. note: Teleprompter Of The United States, a conservative blog) is my main source, my "back up" for confirming facts is Jay Carney, Obama's press secretary.

In his press briefing on July 26, Mr. Carney succinctly clarified Obama's stand as follows: "We do need to take a broader look at what we can do to reduce violence in America. And it requires a multi-faceted approach that looks at this problem from a variety of angles, and that's not just legislative and it's not just about gun laws."

Since "broader looks," "multifaceted approaches" and "varieties of angles" are essential elements of procrastination, be patient. It may be a while before we hear again from TOTUS.

"If once you forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem."

- Abraham Lincoln

God bless America!

Richard Doran


Sometimes I must respond. First, Mic Baca in Saturday's Glenwood Springs Post Independent demonstrates the kind of irresponsible gun ownership that threatens America. Only a fool believes that armed moviegoers would have made the situation in Aurora better. If that attitude becomes more prevalent, I see many more metal detectors in our future.

My second response concerns the email invitation from the sheriff's office for a political reception. Sherry Caloia pointed out in her letter of July 26 that it is not legal for these types of things to come from taxpayer supported groups. The sheriff's letter Monday was a partisan attempt to change the subject and cast aspersion on Ms. Caloia and the Democrats.

Tanny McGinnis is not new to her job and knows her message was inappropriate. She is the one who needs to make a statement and apologize to the county. She may also need to be removed from the job. I wonder if this type of thing has happened before but she didn't get caught. It's obvious Lou isn't going to fire her, so I'll call on her to do the right thing and resign. We can forgive her mistake as long as it isn't part of a pattern. The sheriff is just wrong on this one.

In his statement and in Monday's letter, he makes light of the incident and says items are routinely passed along. This should not only concern Democrats and Ms. Caloia, it should concern all taxpayers. The sheriff needs to be exposed to the "sunshine." Mr. Vallario can not discuss personnel matters, sure, but he must discuss illegal activity. It's your job, Lou.

David Mead


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