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August 30, 2012
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LETTER: Time for a 'Change'

What President Obama has done for us in the past 3 1/2 years:

The president and his hand-picked people took over two of the major auto manufactures with taxpayer funds. This takeover resulted in the unions now owning a large portion of GM and Chrysler Corporation. The taxpayer funds were used to bail out the Union Pension Funds. (How is your pension doing?)

The bondholders (you and me) should have been the first in line of creditors in any bankruptcy, except when government controlled, were told to go kick sand, received nothing for their investment. The stockholders were wiped out. Delphi was forced into bankruptcy with the loss of thousands of jobs and their pensions eliminated because they were not union.

Obama was elected to office on the promise of "Hope and Change." I am still trying to understand why Obama stated: "I will take the greatest nation in the history of the world and fundamentally change it." This he definitely has. Obama was elected with a 6.8% unemployment rate which immediately went to 7.3% after the election to 10% during his first year in office. Anticipation of "Change?"

Obama took office with a Democrat-controlled Senate and House, could not pass a budget, but did manage to get Obamacare (Nancy Pelosi actually wrote the bill) by hook and crook. No Republican input as they were locked out of the discussions by Pelosi (you must pass it to learn what is in it) and her cohorts. Obamacare is slowly being enacted with all of its 27 new taxes in place. (Check this for yourself).

Obama pushed through the payroll tax withholding reduction as a tax cut for working people. The untold story of this is that by reducing the amount paid into Social Security, your benefits also will be reduced by an equivalent amount when you are ready to receive the benefit.

Obama was elected with the national debt of $7 trillion. Now in just 3 1/2 years, Obama has pushed the debt to nearly $16 trillion and growing. This is more than double what was accumulated in 225 years and 43 presidents of both parties. Obama is well on his way to "Change" and no "Hope." With all this spending, the unemployment rate is still growing and over 50 million citizens and others receiving assistance of some type.

All this time, Obama has had Harry Reid, Michael Bennet, Mark Udall and the Democrat-controlled Senate refuse to do a budget, (required by the U.S. Constitution), refuse to bring to the Senate floor any budget bill submitted by the House of Representatives, (required by the Constitution). Right or wrong, the House bills should be brought to the floor of the Senate for discussion and an up or down vote. But no, Harry Reid refuses to do his mandate job!

These are just a few of the things that President Obama has done for the nation and unless the Congress finds some daylight before Jan. 1, 2013, Obama will raise taxes on the average Colorado family by approximately $2,700/year.

D. L. Smith

Grand Junction

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