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September 6, 2012
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LETTER: Kelly uses questionable sources in his columns

In Travis Kelly's last column, and as a response to my letter to the editor requesting the source of his "Bush tearing up the Constitution" comments, he cites columnist Doug Thompson and his left wing blog called "Capitol Hill Blue" as his reliable contact. That's it? That's all you got? Seriously?

He then goes on to justify the use of "anonymous sources" in major news organizations such as the NY Times and ABC, which he describes as "ministries of the truth." What?! No CNN and MSNBC? These organizations are widely considered to be the PR wing of the Obama administration and couldn't be any more biased if they were contracted by them to produce their one-sided product that has resulted in their rapidly declining customer base.

In the adult world, blogs aren't even part of the conversation and are largely ignored because there is no vetting process to become a blogger. Anyone can do it and they aren't accountable for their remarks, fact-checked (which has also become a joke) and have no reputation or credibility to protect so why bother? They are about as important as school yard banter and about as thoughtful.

Even in the referenced blog, Thompson can't name the alleged "witnesses" to Bush's supposed remarks. If Mr. Kelly considers anonymous sources in an online blog worthy of being printed, we have a serious difference of opinion as to what constitutes honest, legitimate and factual commenting.

Another rule of thumb for Travis, "If your in a hole, STOP digging."

Jack Houseman

Grand Junction

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