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October 3, 2012
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Letters to the Editor - Oct. 4, 2012

A leader is best when people barely know he is there. With his accomplishments, they will all say, "we did this ourselves." This describes (Garfield County) Commissioner John Martin.

He saw the federal government was off-setting federal mineral leasing funds less the PILT (Payment In Lieu of Taxes) they were distributing to counties in Colorado. John looked to Utah counties, who had set up Federal Mineral Leasing Districts and received 100 percent of their FML and PILT funds. John took the Federal Mineral Leasing District concept to the Colorado State House and Senate and a bill was passed unanimously by both parties and signed by the governor.

As a result, Garfield County now has a Federal Mineral Leasing District with $3.7 million for 2013 for grants to governments and special districts within the county. This was accomplished by a seasoned county commissioner who understands the relationship between county, state and federal governments, a county commissioner who looks out for the welfare of all of Garfield County.

With his accomplishment, we will all say, "we accomplished this ourselves." Please vote for and re-elect John Martin, a proven and accomplished leader for our county.

Eric Schmela


I support the Ranchlands, Rivers and Recreation Economy Measure, Question 1A on the Nov. 6 ballot. The program has been well thought out, after many conversations with Garfield County citizens, public events and research over the past three years.

Having lived in another county in Colorado, which created an open space concept years ago, I can attest to the value and quality of life it affords its citizens. After moving back to Garfield County eight years ago, I was saddened by the amount of development occurring on our historic agricultural ranchlands. These are the lands that frame our beautiful county. This measure will help protect those lands by creating a funded, effective and voluntary open lands program.

As one who loves to be on the water, the Colorado River provides one of our best natural assets in Western Colorado. Improving access to the river by building better boat ramps and trails can be achieved through this measure.

This measure will support our agricultural economy, safeguard our rivers and streams, protect wildlife habitat and protect areas we enjoy for recreation.

Isn't 25 cents for every $100 spent worth this effort? Please support Question 1A. It's why we live here!

Helen Rogers


Facing the most important election in history, voters might benefit by answering for themselves a few critical questions.

Exactly what "hope and change" are we experiencing after three years of rhetoric?

Specifically, how are you and our nation better off or worse off now than in 2007?

What concerns you about the future status of our nation in world affairs?

How do you evaluate your own economic security and our national security?

How confident are you that your children and grandchildren will inherit from you the same lifestyles, freedoms and opportunities that your preceding generations passed on to you?

State, county and local elections are critical as well. Fortunately, we can view the candidates at close range with meaningful insight. Bob Rankin is the super choice for House District 57, and Randy Baumgardner's legislative track record documents that he will excel as (state) senator for District 8.

Finally, their outstanding past performance justifies the re-election of John Martin and Mike Samson as county commissioners.

Richard Doran


In 2008, candidate Obama said he would free our country from foreign oil by 2018 through an "all of the above" energy policy. But what has President Obama done to make it so?

He banned off shore drilling in Alaska as well as both coasts of the contiguous United States, while he loaned Venezuela's Hugo Chavez $2 billion to finance his offshore drilling effort, vowing to be their best customer.

On the other hand, Mr. Obama refused to authorize the Keystone XL Pipeline from our Canadian allies, citing as rationale its route through a pristine, environmentally sensitive area. This pristine area has had hundreds of miles of underground oil and gas pipelines for two decades.

He put regulations in place that shut down 57 U.S. coal plants in 2012, even though our country is the world's Saudi Arabia of coal. He bought wind power generators from China. He sunk a billion dollars into solar energy companies that are now bankrupt.

I think these actions belie Mr. Obama's "all the above" energy words. If we need to supplement our resources, we should do so from our Canadian allies, not a Venezuelan dictator.

Joyce Stuckenschneider

Parker, Colo.

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