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October 10, 2012
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Letters to the Editor - Oct. 11, 2012

I support John Martin and Mike Samson in their bid for re-election to the Garfield County Commission.

Both have demonstrated to me a true understanding of what is needed to grow Garfield County into a premier county in Colorado yet maintain our history and character that brought us here.

Ken Sack

Eagle Springs Organic


Rep. Scott Tipton did not flip flop on the farm bill. He signed a discharge petition to expedite the process. When the committee said they would prioritize the bill, he removed his name to avoid being snarky about it. He has not changed his stance or mind. Rep. Scott Tipton has a record of working across the aisle.

Sal Pace stated at a meeting (I was there!) that the Sugar City beet plant shut down due to a lack of water and made it sound as if it was recent. It closed in the 1970s because the alkali in the water changed the sugar content in the beets.

Sal Pace is for the single-payer health care system, which means, among other disastrous consequences to our health care choices, 21 new taxes on all of us.

Vote for Tipton! He has our backs. In the debate on Oct. 3, Gov. Romney told the truth about his intentions. Obama's arrogance and disdain for his position and the American public showed in his utter lack of preparedness.

Want jobs? Vote for Romney. We cannot survive another four years of Obama.

Have you hugged your garbage collector today? LOL.

Juanita R. Williams


I would like to invite one and all to come to the Johnson family restaurant in Parachute this coming Saturday morning to meet with me and other Democrats running for public offices that represent the residents of Garfield County.

Vance Johnson, the Denver Broncos' receiver of the 1980s and 1990s, will be there as a special guest. This is a great chance to meet with one of the Broncos great names, and hear why he is looking closely at this field of Democrats.

The event is from 10 a.m. to noon at VJ's Outlaw Ribs, on First Street in Parachute. It will include me; State Senate candidate Emily Tracy; CU Regent candidate Jessica Garrow; and County Commissioner candidates Sonja Linman and Aleks Briedis.

Vance's restaurant will serve specials during the meet and greet, including a $6 full breakfast or a $9 breakfast with ribs. All are welcome. No RSVP is required.

Jo Ann Baxter


House District 57 candidate

My son was part of his friend's 11th birthday party, which included camping out and sleeping in tents in his backyard. Yes, they were up past 10 p.m., laughing and playing with no loud music. They stayed in the backyard the entire night and were not running around the neighborhood causing any trouble.

The next morning, a neighbor came over at 7 a.m., with ear muffs in hand, shaking them at the party host, threatening if it ever happens again, she will call the cops. Mind you, she lives on the block behind the party and about 200 yards away. Neither neighbor on either side heard the boys at all.

Read the ordinance, the boys did nothing wrong: "The Rifle Municipal Code defines a Noise Disturbance as any sound which poses a threat of danger to the health or safety of humans or animals, annoys or disturbs a reasonable person of normal sensibilities or injures personal or real property."

Next time, just close a window instead of calling the cops on a few 10-year-olds having fun.

Denise Sage


Our district attorney, Martin Beeson, is up for re-election. I would suggest you take the time to go to his website, www.martinbeeson.com.

We have put our faith and trust in this man before and it is time to do it again. I have traveled the campaign trail with our district attorney and heard him speak on a regular basis. He is a very soft-spoken man. A Christian who has read the Bible cover to cover three times.

Martin visits every crime scene. Many of us would have nightmares after doing this. Martin does this to fulfill his promise to us to seek justice for our citizens who have been victimized by crime. He wants to see for himself the sorrow and devastation caused. He sees a case to the end without a plea bargain. His conviction record is very high, and some of his cases are filed on his website.

Martin is not responsible for the civil courts. Something a candidate running for this office should know. If a candidate does not know this, then they could not provide the proven track record of Martin Beeson, putting criminals where they belong.

We have been fortunate to have such a dedicated man in this office. Only Denver County outdoes Garfield County when it comes to things proved in court. An assistant district attorney comes to court with a computer, and all files for the case can be accessed from the courtroom.

I ask you to go deep in your heart and ask yourself, "Do I want someone who is well-trained in district management and has leadership qualities? Or do I want a newby to the district court who has no relationship with the assistant district attorneys on staff?"

Ron Roesener


Nothing irks me more than the "undecided" category in ad nauseam presidential polls. Can any concerned, involved, caring, patriotic citizen not have made a decision by now?

Well, I just got irked even more by the Checks and Balances Project poll published in the Oct. 3 Glenwood Springs Post Independent. I invite all who missed this gem of misleading polling by "a government and industry watchdog group" to check the data.

Certainly, campaign candidate polls require "for" and "against" categories, or in this case, "approve" or "disapprove." But instead of undecided, we have a "don't know" category. Isn't there a difference between "undecided" and "don't know?"

In my humble opinion, people that are undecided are informed but can't make up their minds, or are too weak to express an opinion. In my unhumble opinion, people who don't know simply "don't care," particularly in regard to expressing approval or disapproval of our Garfield County commissioners.

So, here are the real CBP poll results without the "input" of the don't knows, whom I categorize as out of touch, unqualified, disinterested, non-caring participants. Some or all of the above.

Board of County Commissioners overall: Approve, 67 percent; disapprove, 34 percent.

Commissioner John Martin: Approve, 64 percent; disapprove, 36 percent.

Commissioner Mike Samson: Approve, 69 percent; disapprove, 31 percent.

Commissioner Tom Jankovsky: approve, 63 percent; disapprove, 37 percent.

In elections where statistics so often get garbled, it is really important to sort through the numbers to get to the meaningful results.

The bottom line in our county commissioners election is that our board has earned exceptional approval on their performance, and John Martin and Mike Samson have earned overwhelming support to be reelected this November.

"Opinion polls measure the public's satisfaction with it's ignorance."- Anonymous.

Richard Doran


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