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October 11, 2012
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JOHNSON: Connecting the dots

Ignore the debates for a bit and think about the fabulous policies of the U.S Department of Justice headed by one Eric Holder.

If you don't see Attorney General Holder as a prime example of a runaway federal administration, I suggest you connect a few dots.

1. The DOJ ignored the "Fast and Furious" (and of course, illegal) federal gun-running caper to Mexico. Congress would like to fry Holder's feet for that, but Holder is dancing too fast to catch.

2. The DOJ is now suing Wells Fargo for "behaving recklessly in issuing federally-backed home loans." The feds are suing on behalf of the Federal Housing Authority, which was supposed to have made certain the loans met its standards. Huh?

3. The New York attorney general, on behalf of a joint federal and state task force created by the Obama administration, is suing JPMorgan Chase for similar wrongdoing - AFTER the bank helped the government avoid catastrophe during the housing meltdown and financial crash. "Huh?" again.

4. At the same time the feds are going after smaller banks, right now, for NOT making risky loans. Crikey!

This is what you have to call a "crazy maker."

The point? For politics and money, the government is stirring the pot both ways. Doesn't it feel like pure politics to make it look like we're punishing bad guys, and at the same time punish the others for NOT following a terrible program with criminally-terrible oversight?

This is a ghastly way to run a country. It also ignores the fact that it has been virtually federal policy, ever since Jimmy Carter put it on the table in 1979, that every American is entitled to own a home. Whether they can pay for it or not.

Irony? Both parties endorsed this idea through the years and it slowly evolved into the packaging of mortgages that finally caught up with us as a CRASH. We're still paying for that and will be paying for years.

Holder, once the darling of BOTH parties, has a fondness for flailing about and suing anything that moves these day. It's baffling. For sure we'll see more DOJ lawsuits filed in the days to come.

But hey, that's what makes this a great country, eh?

Ken is founder of the Grand Junction Free Press and former publisher of The Daily Sentinel. He spends his time between the Grand Valley and California.

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