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October 11, 2012
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FENSKE: Fear of death prevents us from living

"Don't die with your music (stories/talents) still inside you. Listen to your intuitive inner voice and find what passion stirs your soul." - Wayne Dyer

We are funny creatures sometimes; we're afraid to live and afraid to die. So many times we find ourselves stuck in the middle with no way out. If we decide to live and follow our intuition, we get so wrapped up in what "COULD" happen and all the fears associated with taking risks, we become afraid.

On some subconscious level we think that by living we will somehow die. That's because in our fear-based thoughts, risk equals death. At the root of not moving forward, a lot of my clients admit they think something horrible will happen if they take too many risks - like the Universe will destroy them if they take too many risks.

So in this way it is the fear of the death of something that prevents us from living. It may be the fear of the end or death of what is comfortable, what is known. And so we give into that fear and essentially stop living. And when we stop living we invite a certain kind of death into our experience...the death of feeling, the death of adventure, the death of the life-giving energy that sustains us, the death of creativity; we flatline emotionally and spiritually.

Being afraid to live fully and afraid to die are wonderful tricks; fear-based ego thinking keeps us in our comfort zone. There is an evolutionary reason for this. Fear helps us survive. But don't you want more than just surviving? Wouldn't it be more fulfilling to thrive? Thriving means more than just existing; it means living at our own unique Highest Potential, which requires us to take a step outside of our comfort zone daily.

Be grateful for fear when it is appropriate, but allow yourself to make a choice from a higher place, from a place of trust. The ironic thing is that once we die to our fears, we can live. So living does require that we die; that we die to our fears, our doubts and our old ways of thinking. We must let our fears die and be reborn of the spirit. We must take that first scary step out with the faith and trust that we will either know how to fly or that we will be supported in every way possible.

Once again, the irony is that by playing it safe we are actually slowly dying day by day, and by risking death, we are actually taking a step toward life. I live my life every day conscious of the question, "When you get to the end of your life, will you die wondering 'what if?'" If the answer is yes, then I always do the thing I'm afraid of doing.

I am also conscious of the fact that I may be blessed to live to be 100 or more, but I may also not make it through the day. So I also try my best to live in a way that doesn't delay the things I want to do. If there is a risk to take, I want to take it now. I don't often take blind risks. I take calculated risks, I think things through, but at the end of the day some of the risks I take are scary as hell.

Let us step into the knowing that is it by dying to our fears that we live. Let us take action on this and realize the only way to die to our fears is to face them. Let us face them with the solid faith that the Universe in all of its wisdom is there to support us and has our back.

What fears can you face and die to this week? Can you find the passion that stirs your soul and take any risks to allow that passion to emerge and find its place in the world? Don't die with that passion still inside of you and wonder as you are dying, "What if...?"

Catherine Fenske, Ph.D. (c), is the owner of Live With Intention Coaching. She is a certified life coach and spiritual counselor. She is also a Reiki Master/teacher. Catherine can be reached at 970-985-4499 or at Go to or visit her blog at to learn more about her.

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