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October 25, 2012
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JOHNSON: Connecting the dots

One of the talking heads on TV observed the final debate was "stupefyingly dull."

Did that sound about right?

Are we getting more tired of the campaign than the candidates, both of whom looked presidential? No fireworks (although some condescending sneers) and not many answers, even when Romney finally mentioned Obama's open-mic commitment about Russia: "After my election I'll have a lot more flexibility."

(Must be REALLY old hat to not stir any Twitter spit. Surely a bit more important than "women in binders." Anyone who thinks the "binders" bit of internet nonsense is valid has to be taking the wrong meds.)

Nothing except a "did not" when Romney said Obama had diminished America's world status by apologizing to foreign leaders for years of American arrogance.

Now we have only 11 days until we get the answer: Someone will be president!

You have to think we're going to see some dots to connect in these final days; isn't it still the economy that's the huge problem?

If it is, do you know how we get bogged down in the sound bites, most of them coming from the wired world? You figure it out; I'm just asking the question.

In the previous debate, Obama scolded Romney with a huffy denial. Outrageous, he said, to claim ANY member of his administration would play politics with a tragedy like four deaths in Benghazi. Outrageous.


(The "who knew what and when" keeps taking amazing twists as each day progresses. Latest is that the White House situation room was told by the embassy while it was still under attack it was by Islamic terrorists.)

Is there anyone who saw the pictures (which were on every TV network and in every newspaper) who didn't know it was NOT just a made-for-TV "protest" gone awry? Yet even today we see political pandering and spin control by everyone in the administration! And not just on security issues.)

Maybe one day we'll know WHY we get either an unwitting mistake or a Nixonian cover-up. Be hopeful.

Local dots to connect.

The Benghazi blunders direct our focus to the homefront.

Of course, problems abroad must be different from those at home.


That may be why two ranking administration members, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and Health and Human Service Secretary Kathleen Sebelius are free to politick in Grand Junction the same time as vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan happened to be here?

That's not really the administration members "playing politics." It's just spreading the good word.


Wonder if it means that if you want to keep your job you had better hustle votes for the president?

Is anyone running the store in Washington? Anyone?

Of course, we all know it's part of the politics of getting elected.

I do have a faint hope. Not that the lengthy run-up to the election hasn't been fun.

The hope is that the winners will connect a bunch of dots before they, along with all of us, are losers.

Ken is founder of the Grand Junction Free Press and former publisher of The Daily Sentinel. He spends his time between the Grand Valley and California.

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