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November 1, 2012
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LETTER: You can't be Democrat and call yourself a Christian

I address this letter to my brothers and sisters in Christ. It is a challenge to the assertion of your faith which defines your world view and, by extension, your politics. As a Christian your faith, world view, and politics are not mutually exclusive. They are not compartmentalize-able. They are one and the same and to argue otherwise defies rational thinking and basic logic. Thus I assert the following:

• You cannot be a Christian and vote in favor of murdering 4,000 viable, waiting-to-be-born babies a day.

• You cannot be a Christian and vote in favor of destroying the God-ordained institution of marriage between one man and one woman.

• You cannot be a Christian and vote to extort money (taxation) from a working man or woman and give it to another; or extort money to fund contraceptives and abortions which defile the conscience of the person(s) being forced to pay for it.

• You cannot be a Christian and vote for a party that seeks to legislate special protections for a group of people who define themselves by the way they prefer to have sex.

• You cannot be a Christian and vote to incentivize out-of-wedlock births through welfare rather than discourage it and incentivize marriage.

• You cannot be a Christian and vote to pervert and desensitize innocence by forcing sex education on our children.

• You cannot be a Christian and support a party that sought to have God removed from its platform and booed when God was disingenuously reinstated!

In other words, you cannot be a Christian and be a Democrat. You can, however, call yourself one and be a hypocrite.

There is a Day of Judgment and how you cast your ballot is no secret to God.

Nancy Thorsen


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