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November 1, 2012
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LETTER: Vote 'Yes' on Amendment #64

America is the Titanic, economic icebergs abound and we're going down, yet, weed is the worry?

The confusion and misdirected passion should have us all lighting up. Freedom and a lawful, ordered society are not mutually exclusive. To reduce crime, decriminalize private consumption and increase penalties significantly for the violent and publicly indifferent. Bottom line: There is no CLEAR Constitutional or Biblical prohibition against substance consumption, and certainly no mandate for government force from either authority. Consequently, there is no defensible justification for the war on "drugs" whatsoever! Hence, all the textual misinterpretation. Incredibly, supporters of prohibition don't consider the trillion dollar price tag and continual slaughter (including women and children) as persuasive! Those voting "No" have their "hearts" in the right place but need to engage their minds or blood will be all over their ballots.

News flash! The Constitution is written on hemp paper. And chosen as his first miracle, Jesus turned water into an alcoholic beverage! Originalists and Christians are at war with freedom on #64. Forget booze, these same people tolerate caffeine. Oh, but the government will channel $40 million in "drug" money to public schools, right? Again, no justification and there is far better ROI elsewhere. Consumption is often a reprieve from a rotten reality. Protect kids by teaching them the proper role of government, only if you understand it yourself. Then, provide them more to live for than vampires, zombies, sports, entertainment and worst of all, the completely refuted prosperity gospel and "Left Behind" rapture escapism. When it comes to theological "drugs" like that, just say no!

Either apply the Bible's guidelines for life including government, or stop abusing the book. Either follow the Constitution, or roll it into a Cheech and Chong Zeppelin doobie and smoke it.

Marty Dhabolt

Grand Junction

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