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November 1, 2012
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LETTER: Gov't didn't build this nation, the people did

The pioneers came West over rocky, uncleared trails; many died on the way because of the dangers, sickness and accidents along the way. Making the roads as they went.

No government involved.

They cleared the lands of trees, rocks and other obstacles to farm, or build their homes on.

No government involved.

They created local areas to meet that later grew into towns. The streets were in place and buildings were built before the "need" for government arose.

The roads between towns were built by the people before any government came into existence.

After governments were established, they only did that which was necessary for the needs of the people.

The people needed better roads to travel on, so the people for the most part worked to improve the sections closest to their homes with help from their neighbors for the big jobs like dynamiting large rocks, or bridging gullies and canyons.

When neighbors fell into bad times, the neighbors pitched in to help. A home or barn burned down, the neighbors were there to help rebuild.

The husband died, the widow and children were looked after and kept from starvation or being homeless.

I could go on, but this should be enough to point out that big government has destroyed the fabric of this nation.

And the person in the White House knows nothing of this nation's history or the culture that built the greatest nation on earth.

Drew Dickey

President, GJResult TEA Party


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