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November 8, 2012
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LETTER: I am Christian and I voted Democrat

In response to "You can't be a Democrat and call yourself a Christian," a letter on Nov. 2. The author of the letter basically said that Democrats are baby killers and therefore are not Christian.

First, any self-proclaimed Christian should avoid openly judging the actions of a great many of their brothers and sisters. A true follower of the Gospels would understand that life is full of all types of suffering and that's why we leave the judgment and damnation part to the Lord. I do not believe that there existed a ballot measure saying "mark YES if you would like to murder God's children."

I do believe there are many groups out there that draw lines in the sand over some dogmatic tradition or obscure biblical references. These people are not living Gospel principles and only damage the reputation of good Christians everywhere. And for that, I am truly sorry for any confusion.

The person who wrote the letter is not trying to help anyone. To be logical, I would expect some practical alternatives to birth control or abortion to be discussed. I doubt that the writer would open their doors and nurse and care for all of God's children. Well, they didn't offer.

What they did offer is condemnation of anyone who supports family planning options; family planning not being a Gospel topic. So the letter had no real merit outside the notion of how we all value life. And to be philosophical, what is it that we really do value? What about all the lives that are here and now? Is anyone worried about puppies and kitties or any other of God's creations, or just potential human babies? Christians believe in the eternal souls that go live with the Lord after death. So why fight to bring what is pure into a life of suffering? I ask only to understand this better. The fact is all life needs other life forms to live, so it is important to ask what it is we all value and why.

As a true Christian, I love all of my brothers and sisters. I sympathize with the struggles of people around me and leave the judgment to God. I must fix my own faults before trying to fix the faults in everyone else. I am liberated by living the Gospels, and would never confine my brothers and sisters to any narrow perspective. But I want to make good changes by living the examples of Christ. Nobody can force away sinful practices.

My assertion is if you are filled with hatred about people's actions, you are doing something totally wrong. My advice is if Jesus didn't talk about it, it's probably best not to interpret it any further. There is no gospel about family planning or about gay marriage either, so please be mindful. I would not like to face the Lord after standing opposed to a person's love for another. I am a Christian and this election I voted Democrat.

Bill Campbell

Grand Junction

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