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November 8, 2012
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LETTER: Haters, don't hate

Well, the election is finally over! Hopefully, more for our children's sake than anything, there won't be anymore politically charged hate and violence here, in what used to be Happy Valley.

It has been quite a disappointing shock that the Fox News Kool-Aid soaked its way so deeply into the red bloods of Mesa County these last few years. As one of my Facebook "friends" said so eloquently the morning of Election Day, "Defeat and Deport!" What a sad state we are in when the accomplishments of a man like President Obama, who's life story thus far truly does embody the notion of "the American Dream," can be reduced to such ignorance and hate.

This past year has been packed with local hate crimes similar to the destruction of the amazing mural of the president that used to be at the corner of Seventh and Main. Many folks here in the valley had their yards either vandalized or had items stolen, simply for supporting their president. Others had their Obama stickers ripped off their bumpers; some more than one time.

I was leaving Denny's a few months ago and saw a black man with a disabled vet hat on get out of a car with pro Obama stickers half ripped off. Now that the election is over, hopefully, there will be no more of that.

I'm also hoping the local community will discard their really offensive bumper stickers and pins, the ones that read, "Don't Re-Nig" and "O.B.A.M.A. - One Big A** Mistake America." I am at a loss for words when I see these.

When I debate with the locals, one of two topics seems to be at the height of their disgust: Gun control and the state of the economy. Apparently, they still haven't got the memo that: A) Obama fully supports their Second Amendment rights, and B) four years ago Obama was handed a severely broken America with two wars.

Anyways, here's hoping all that hate starts to dissipate.

Kevin Mahoney

Grand Junction

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