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November 14, 2012
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Letters to the Editor - Nov. 15, 2012

I'd like to call on newly elected/re-elected Republicans in Garfield County to get involved and help remedy the boycott of VJ's Outlaw Ribbs in Parachute that has been going on since Oct. 16.

The Johnsons have hosted and catered numerous Republican/Tea Party events. On Oct. 13, they were gracious enough to accommodate our six Democratic candidates for a breakfast meet and greet. Their son, former Denver Bronco Vance Johnson, a Republican, attended.

By the following Wednesday, the Johnsons were contacted by customers who work for Williams Energy (now WPX), telling them of an email that told people to boycott VJ's because of the candidates' yard signs, still present along the fence of VJ's.

Local WPX representatives knew nothing of the memo when State Sen. Gail Schwartz spoke with them on Thursday. The following day, the Johnsons experienced one of their best days of business since opening, with the parking lot filled with Williams trucks. Ever since, though, the roughnecks are packing the parking lots of other restaurants.

Last week, Jean asked an Encana employee why he had come in to eat. He said, "They can't tell me where to eat." So both WPX and Encana rough necks are involved. Waitresses have gone from making $50 a day to $20 a day.

Since you Republicans advocate for oil and gas and all the jobs it creates, while also pounding your chests in defense of small business, you should make things right for the Johnson family.

Please support them through this senseless boycott by people who travel home every weekend, taking money earned here back to their own counties and states. It's time to move on and figure out how to live, work, and eat together.

Kim Doyle Wille


Editor's note: Kim Doyle Wille was the campaign manager for Colorado House District 57 Representative Democratic candidate Jo Ann Baxter.

"Apoplectic: of a kind to cause or apparently cause stroke as in an apoplectic rage; also: greatly excited or angered as in she was apoplectic over the news.

"Hegemony: the social, cultural, ideological, or economic influence exerted by a dominant group."

These are my new favorite words of the week. They perfectly define the GOP and the right's feelings, and the cause of those feelings, after the re-election of President Obama.

It has been quoted that the Romney camp was "shell shocked" by the election results. They were so confident in the outcome, Gov. Romney didn't even bother to write a concession speech. Oops! Live by the bubble, die by the bubble.

As Malkin, Coulter, Limbaugh, Rove, Morris, Barnes, Barone, Hannity, Huckabee, Cavuto et al. all trumpeted the demise of the Democrats, a funny thing happened. Romney listened to them, a majority of voters didn't. Talk about hegemony.

The ironic thing is, most of them, except Romney, now have four more years of job security, slamming the Obama administration (except for Rove and Morris). Heck, it has made most of them rich. The Fox family of pundits will write more books and the Fox viewers will buy them.

And where was President Bush in support of the Republican candidate? President George W. Bush was rubbing elbows with the global investing elite, including billionaire Richard Branson, at a conference in Romney's favorite tax shelter, the Cayman Islands. As a keynote speaker.

I hate to say this was "rich" with irony, but no other word fits. Mitt can attend next year.

Craig S. Chisesi


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