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November 21, 2012
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Letters to the Editor - Nov. 22, 2012

Editor's note: This letter was submitted to Rifle City Council for their Nov. 19 meeting regarding the use of close to $2 million to help complete renovation of the old Rifle Creek theater into the New Ute Events Center. It has been edited for style, factual errors and to the Telegram's word limit for letters to the editor.

I don't think spending this amount of money for an events center is warranted to provide entertainment options for a relatively small group of people in our community who would be able to attend the types of events brought into venues such as this.

Many of these events cost $25 to $50 a ticket or more, and only the richest people in our community would be able to attend. Perhaps a better approach would be to allow a private group of citizens to raise funds and apply for grants to build an events center.

Finally, we have several projects that were supposed to have been completed years ago that are far more important to a larger number of citizens. For instance, the second phase of the Deerfield Park development has been held off for over seven years, even though money from the school district has been designated for completion of that project.

There are far more people in our community who would like to see a city recreation center built before an events center, and any money spent for a events center would take away from possible sources of funding for a recreation center.

I strongly encourage you to hold off on this proposal until other, more important, projects are completed and until our city funds are in a more solid position to make it happen.

Troy Phillips


When you first took over the editor position, I thought I read that you had professional journalistic experience. After reading your article entitled "Worst. Idea. Ever. Get over it!" (Citizen Telegram, Nov. 15, 2012), I have a hard time believing you actually have any kind of editorial experience.

No one seems to have a real clue as to why VJ's Ribbs in Parachute is "suddenly" not getting the business its owner swears it was getting before Oct. 16. She surmises it is because the Republican candidate running for president lost the election and she had political signs in front of her restaurant for both Republican and Democratic candidates.

Do you realize the presidential election occurred on Tuesday, Nov. 6, is almost a month after "the incident" concerning an imagined "boycott"?

You use terms such as "asinine," "bozos," "jokers," to describe restaurant patrons. You demonstrate a total lack of judgment by taking rumors and third-hand quotes and treating them like something written in stone.

Maybe those people you and Ms. Johnson and whoever else is complaining about an invisible boycott are out celebrating the fact that their candidate won. Maybe they are visiting out of town during the pre-snowy holiday season.

Maybe they don't appreciate a bunch of gossip about them from the owner and waitperson(s) of the restaurant they have been patronizing and decided to go elsewhere. Are they not allowed to eat wherever they want to eat, for whatever reasons they deem to eat there, without having to worry about slanderous restaurant owners and newspaper editors?

Picking on people for no good reason is not what the editor of any American newspaper is supposed to be doing. Don't journalists have some kind of creed they should be following, even when writing editorials? I guess not.

D.J. Beaupeurt


In a story on page 4 of the Nov. 15, 2012 edition of The Citizen Telegram, two facts need correction. Dr. Susan Birdsey succeeded Dave Smucker as superintendent of Garfield School District Re-2 and the district's current enrollment is 4,730 students.

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