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November 29, 2012
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HOFFMAN: Where should I begin?

Warning: Do not smoke pot outside the Grand Junction city limits. Sheriff Stan Hilkey may arrest you. If you do smoke, smoke in the City, Chief Camper has told his patrolmen to leave you alone. Remember possession of more than one ounce and you're in trouble everywhere, and you cannot smoke in public.

Certainly, there are lots of potheads out there that would like to smoke in triumph - but just don't do it. Local law enforcement could take a report and forward it to the feds to see if they want to prosecute you. Now, that would really be interesting: Local police reporting local citizens to federal authorities for an action that the state voters have condoned.

Cities and counties have the opportunity to limit or ban marijuana sales within their boundaries. There is no doubt where GJ Mayor Bill Pitts stands on this issue. He is against it no matter how many jobs and how much tax revenue is involved. Let him and his cohorts just say no and allow Palisade to blossom (pun intended) with the economic stimulus this industry will provide.

While we are on the subject, how is it GJ City Council will not allow the sale of medical marijuana but turns a blind eye to the grow operations within the city? I guess Mayor Pitts does not see anything wrong with growing it here as long as it is sold elsewhere.

The two incoming county commissioners campaigned on reducing government regulation and increasing jobs for Mesa County. Before being sworn into office both have taken stands against allowing marijuana sales within Mesa County. Perhaps we should have a referendum on jobs so that our elected leaders will know what other occupations we find objectionable and BIG government can also eliminate them. The promise of government getting out of the way of business is already forgotten.

White Elephant Hall was "gifted" to the city by Home Loam - thanks so much, Jamie Hamilton. Now we can spend our tax dollars to demolish your hulking ruin and do so at a cost that will likely exceed the value of the cleared property. Just out of curiosity, how is it you as the lender, who is also an insurance company, failed to have this asset protected? This is a blatant example of socializing losses while keeping profits private. Think we can make $3 million here to cover our Avalon pledge? The City indicated demolition would proceed rapidly; the only demolition noted has been collapse of some sections of the building.

Sen. Mark Udall sends me frequent emails. In the body of those he talks about what he is doing or hopes to do. He enlists my support to sign this petition or that petition. At the bottom of each email is a button that says "Contribute." Does that mean if he is proposing something I like and I fail to contribute he will not do it? His and all political fundraising has exceeded the good taste quotient.

Kudos to Sen. Tom Coburn from Oklahoma, here we have a conservative Republican hawk who has confessed to the obvious fact the Pentagon can save money. That the Pentagon does not actually need a $2 trillion increase in funding, that it can actually save $58 billion over the next 10 years, and, he has listed the areas in which this is possible. If Tom can find this level of savings you can bet there are a few more bucks that can be squeezed out of that budget......let's spread the sacrifice over each and every department; not one at the expense of others. "Fair and balanced" could be one way of describing the impending budget cuts.

A final thought: If the Republican Party does not want us to think they are the party of angry, old, rich, white guys, why do they allow Sen. John McCain to speak for them so frequently?

Jim Hoffman is a local real estate broker and investor who is trying to move from semi-retired to retired. He needs to retire to devote more time to unpaid interests such as skiing, camping and fishing.

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