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December 13, 2012
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JOHNSON: Syria. War. Yummy.

Does it feel to you like we're ramping up our "war" ideas for Syria?

I mean, seems like every day for weeks we've seen more "news" about the president saying we need to support those "rebels." They're the ones who want to toss out their perfectly good dictator, who by the way doesn't like us.

The mainstream press and talking heads all "tsk tsk" about the civilians killed, and applaud the rebels' claims of capturing various things. Now we're just keen about our new policy, which is anointing the rebels our official new leaders for Syria.

Crikey, can't we even take a Christmas time out?

I'm sorry to be so slow but I just don't get it.

Didn't we live through nearly a decade of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Does anyone remember those George Bush wars?

Sounded like a great idea to quit chasing Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan and evict an evil dictator in Iraq instead. I mean, really, wasn't Saddam building weapons of mass destruction? Everyone knew that evil monster would use them!

Poor Assad in Syria doesn't have any WMDs. He just told the whole international community to "butt out" when they said "quit, and let your people go."

Now we can't stand the idea that he won't quit. Didn't he hear of the Arab Spring and our support of that? The business of getting rid of Egypt's dictator and letting a democratic vote reshape the country? What a terrific policy for America to have; spread democracy, don't worry about the mess it leaves, and welcome, New Islamist Government.

After all, it MUST be a good idea to have the Muslim Middle East in turmoil with good old-fashioned revolutions that we endorsed.

It just feels like that Arab Spring we loved so much might not be turning out so well for all the people in those countries. Particularly the women who, for some reason, thought they would get MORE rights instead of less.

Anyone recall a guy not far from America, 50 years ago, who was the darling of the media and the politicians when he fought to overthrow a cruel and venal dictator? That crooked, rotten, worthless dictator, Fulgencio Batista, just had to go; a real Freedom Fighter was leading the charge.

Shoot, in those days it seemed like everyone wanted him to free that country. Prosperity for all would follow.

Fidel Castro. Cuba.

Sure worked out well, didn't it?

We're tone deaf when it comes to history, and VERY pious about sending our young people off to war, to get shot up, maimed or just die.

Do you suppose in this coming adventure in Syria, where if we get incredibly lucky we might just give the "rebels" lots of sophisticated weapons and just urge them on? Naw, we'll probably be tempted to ramp it up a bit in the name of democracy. That's our style.

Makes you wonder if in this one we might just say "No"!

Can't we tolerate Syria just doing whatever the Syrians decides, and be whatever they choose? Do they need us telling them how to run their country? Do we HAVE to interfere?

If you liked the Bush-era wars, spreading gunboat diplomacy to Afghanistan and Iraq in the name of peace and freedom, you'll LOVE the Obama-era wars before they're over.

But then, golly, wouldn't it be great for world democracy and our self-esteem if we did a bit of shoving folks around in, say, Libya? And Egypt? Oh yeah, and Syria?

Ken is founder of the Grand Junction Free Press and former owner/publisher of The Daily Sentinel. He spends his time between the Grand Valley and California.

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