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December 27, 2012
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LETTER: Working class income can't continue to fund the welfare state

It's all over the news. You can't escape the fiscal cliff. Democrats won't cooperate with Republicans and vice versa. Let's look at this fiscal cliff.

They consider this fiscal cliff to be a sharp decline in the U.S. economy. Really? From what I've seen we have had a decline in our economy for 30 years. They say: "This will be the Great Depression all over again only worse." Who caused the Great Depression? Was it the people or was it the banks?

Another "problem" with our economy is inflation. It's absurd first of all. Secondly, we have inflation rising and wages stagnant. Of course, there will be some kind of economic crisis.

The U.S. has what is known as a welfare state. This is very costly to the working class citizen. There are many technicalities that we could discuss but that would do us no good. Bottom line is, working class income can't afford a welfare state.

We have been funding a war for over a decade with a middle and lower class that has to manage with terrible pay. (Considering the cost of living.) The majority of the government's budget is spent on war. I though it was best to lead by example not show of force.

When all these are considered there is no possibility of lowering taxes for anyone. Lowering taxes will make the problem worse. Raising taxes for everyone solves the problem but people begin to suffer more. We don't need to consider what our taxes are. We need to consider what our taxes pay for! We can't afford this war or a welfare state. We can't afford minimum wage for the average American. Wake up! These politicians are lying to you and hiding the vital information. This is easy to understand. Make a stand!

Joshua Johnson


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