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January 10, 2013
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LETTER: Kelly's opinion so full of holes

Travis Kelly's opinion piece on Jan. 4 is just another example of an extreme position on guns. He says that new gun legislation "will lead inevitably to total gun abolition and then irreversible tyranny." Oh brother!

This is a rehashed opinion based on the paranoia and fear created by the brainwashing right-wing talking heads. This is completely unfounded. What has Obama done so far to take guns away from people? Answer: Absolutely nothing.

Travis mentions Australia as a place where gun bans did not result in a decline in crime. For Travis' information, there hasn't been a single gun massacre in Australia since strict new gun laws were passed in 1996 with the help of a conservative prime minister no less, in response to Australia's Port Arthur massacre. Also, the Washington Post recently reported that Australian homicides by firearm decreased by 59% between 1995 and 2006. Travis' argument just doesn't hold up.

Travis also claims that there are thousands of crimes prevented every year by armed citizens but that these cases are blacked out by the mainstream media. He offers no source of this statistic nor evidence of his media conspiracy. Yet it is a well known fact that tens of thousands of Americans die by firearms each year. So it appears that way more people are being killed by guns than are being helped by guns.

And lastly, I want to point out that Travis questions whether a ban on assault rifles and high magazine clips would have reduced the carnage in the Aurora or Newtown shootings. His answer is "perhaps."

Perhaps? I recently saw a gun show on TV where this guy had a 100 magazine clip attached to his assault rifle and he was able to empty that clip in under 30 seconds. "Perhaps" Travis? Really?

Jim Ciha

Grand Junction

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