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January 30, 2013
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Letters to the Editor - Jan. 31, 2013

There has been evidence in the past that this newspaper was confused on the difference between Peach Valley and Silt Mesa, something I would expect local newspapers to know, although some don't do their research in order to further confuse issues. A Jan. 10 fluff piece on local agriculture confirmed it.The Flat Tops supply Peach Valley, a separate residential and agricultural community, with historic senior water rights dating to the late 1800s (Ware & Hinds ditch; Roseman is less senior) meaning the Colorado River does not supply the majority of Peach Valley. (Harvey Gap, Rifle Gap or Rifle Creek supply none.) If there is a call on the river, less senior ditches could be curtailed, even with exchange and release agreements. As I understand the water commissioner, Silt Mesa has this situation with the upper and lower portions getting different water, and multiple players involved like Harvey Gap, Rifle Gap, Farmers Irrigation, Grass Valley and Green Mountain. What drives these fluff pieces? Is it the liberal, bankrupt California agenda of parent companies and their devotees of global warming? The influence of some energy companies who morph communities in their development plans, leaving historic ditches off their maps in order to minimize environmental concerns while quietly diverting water? Don't forget greedy little town bureaucrats who seek more water for that viscous cycle of growing government jobs with developments. As for agriculture, (writer Nelson) Harvey could have done better to consult the real old-timers in Peach Valley who have been at it for half a century or more. Not someone, with all due respect, who was known as a construction company operator and then moved down valley to become Silt's developer/supposed wheeler-dealer.Linda DixonNew Castle

Since I was only allotted 300 words in my last letter, I would like to know what will happen to the tens of thousands of dollars the city of Rifle collected through the higher water fees for the last few months of 2012?I still have no idea how they came up with a $25 million price tag for the water plant when no bid has been let, or why they would borrow the money early and pay interest on it before it was needed.I am also concerned that the city can take $714,000 out of other city budgets and remodel the Ute Theater. Does that mean we had a bloated budget?This does not include all the money they spent purchasing the theater, taking out all the asbestos and putting on a new front.There are at least two projects that I know of that are far more important than something that maybe only 30 percent of the town will use. They are the completion of Fairway Avenue, which has been on the books since the early 1980s, and upgrading the Deerfield Park common areas with concrete, so handicapped people don't sink into mud.I believe, like the Rifle Fitness Center, that we will be subsidizing the theater.It also bothers me that a present and past councilman's firm is involved in the procurement of bids and negotiation services, and they will be awarded an 8 percent fee if the project is put on hold for 30 days or more.Why go out for bids on a project that is not supported by a majority of people? This should be something voted on by the people of Rifle.Gary ParksRifle

Just read your article, "You can get there from here after all" (Citizen Telegram, Jan. 24) about returning to your roots. A comment longtime Rifleite Paul Bernklau made one time: "You know you are an old-timer when you know more people in the cemetery than you know in town," I have found to be true. Nostalgia takes you back, but it's never the same. I haven't lived in Rifle for 50 years, and though I have had business in Rifle during that 50 years, nostalgic Rifle is not the Rifle of 2013. As an additional comment, your history of the Rifle Telegram jumps from 1933 to 1960. There was an editor/owner of the paper between Barley and Dunaway in the '40s and '50s by the name of Kurt Loomis. We went to school with his two daughters and son.Bob CrossFort Worth, Texas

Many questions directed to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were excellent, but never answered. Why?Because politicians can't stop talking! Instead of asking a question and waiting for an answer, the congressman would go on and on until his/her time was up. What a farce!Dick ProsenceMeeker

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