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February 21, 2013
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LETTER: Some thoughts on guns and registered gun owners

Anyone passing a background check and registering a gun can have as many guns of any type as he or she pleases. A registered gun owner has the legal responsibility for how that gun is used. A registered gun owner has the responsibility to see that a background check is done and passed and the gun is re-registered to a new owner if the gun is either sold or given to someone else. The registered owner has the legal responsibility for the security of the gun. If the gun is stolen a police report must be filed immediately substantiating that it was, in fact, stolen. Nevertheless, a registered gun is the total responsibility of the registered owner until the registration has been re-registered to the new qualified owner as described above.

Serious prosecution of the registered owner should result from the gun being legally misused regardless of the person in possession of and misusing the gun. A reasonable time period should allow persons to register all unregistered guns in their possession. Any person after a certain date in possession of an unregistered gun should be severely prosecuted. As is the case currently, a crime committed with a gun, particularly an unregistered gun, should require serious penalties.

We have a gun culture in this country. Presumably registered owners of guns are very responsible. The above makes it a matter of law that a registered owner is solely responsible for the use of that gun until the re-registration has taken place. The horse is out of the barn as far as the amount of unregistered guns currently existing. Anybody possessing such a gun can register it as long as he or she qualifies, otherwise the gun must be confiscated. All of the above should be federal system.

John Borgen

Grand Junction

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