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March 7, 2013
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FENSKE: Invitation to transform humanity

"When we make the choice to invite our Essential Self to take dominion within, we are, each of us, crossing the great divide from unconscious to conscious self-evolution. By this choice, we are transforming the nature of evolution, person by person, for evolution proceeds ever more by choice rather than chance from this time forward." - Barbara Marx HubbardWhat does it mean to "invite our Essential Self to take dominion within?"As I understand it through my training with evolutionary consciousness, it means to make a choice to claim our essence, our Authentic Self and allow that to become the place from which we live. It means making a commitment to our own transformation from ego to essence.When we make that choice and commitment, we "cross the great divide from unconscious to conscious evolution" and what proceeds from there is the transformation of not only ourselves but the transformation of humanity. We can choose to be change-agents; we do have the power of choice. Our world desperately needs each one of us now if we are to survive as a species.The way of love is to surrender to the dominion of our Essential/Authentic Self because that Self is only love; it is who we truly are. It isn't a giving away of anything, it is an expansion of what is already there, of what resides deep within our very essence. It is a surrendering of fear, anger, anxiety and separateness to make room for more expansive feelings of joy, happiness, equanimity and oneness. It moves us from competition to cooperation, from war to peace.Almost everyone at one point in their life has this sense of a longing to go home. Have you ever experienced this? It's a pull or a push to come back to where you began, to your Source, your Essential Self, your Authentic Self. It's a gentle calling or an abrupt, almost demanding urgency to find a path that will lead you to that place of reunion with your Self. Until you arrive there you may have struggles in different areas of your life or you may feel stuck and without hope. You may even feel cynical or stoic about life. It's an unfed hunger of your soul that is starving for nourishment.Once you heed this call, however, you then have the motivation to make a choice to do whatever you can to become more conscious and aware. You can find a teacher, read a book(s), go to workshops or join a group of fellow seekers to support you. In other words, you can choose to be causal in your own evolution. You can become "response-able" - able to respond to your calling and transformation.This response-ability empowers you to live by choice, not chance and you become the cause, not the effect of your life experiences. You gain the ability to respond to a higher calling, to higher consciousness. Because of your personal transformation, by default you become a change-agent. And so it goes, person by person, we "transform the nature of evolution."I invite you this week to get quiet and get to know your Essential Self. Have a dialogue with that Self and eventually invite your Essential Self to take dominion in your life. The world needs you; it needs each one of us. It is the qualities of the Essential/Authentic Self in each of us that will be our redemption, for those qualities are one and the same in each of us. The illusion of separateness must transmute into the reality of Oneness.Catherine Fenske, Ph.D. (c), is the owner of Live With Intention Coaching. She is a certified life coach and spiritual counselor. She is also a Reiki Master/teacher; body-mind-spirit practitioner and evolutionary. Catherine can be reached at 505-795-7779 or at Go to or visit her blog at to learn more about her.

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