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March 13, 2013
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Choosing to be a part of the 40 Days For Life campaign vigil in front of Planned Parenthood in Glenwood Springs in 2012 changed the conversation about abortion as it exposed its long-standing practice in our community, long denied by many.

The 2013 Spring Campaign includes two new significant countries participating: Africa and Russia. Imagine Russia, where abortions outnumber births. Imagine Africa, where life is not given scant measure of worth. Imagine the courage to confront such cultures by its brave citizenry.

There are those of us who believe there's much work to be done to promote undervalued life here in America. There are those of us who also believe we're on a progressive path that is not far behind such countries.

Why does truth continue to be denied with regard to abortion and its messengers vilified or ignored? Let me be specific with regard to this reality in Garfield County. Garfield County Human Services Commission is planning their Humanitarian Award Banquet, paid courtesy of the county's taxpayers. As one who supports and has worked alongside members, including years of partnership and friendship with HSC's organizer, the late Kay Vasilakis, I speak not out of turn, but out of concern for truth.

It's interesting to know those up for the award who have walked with me in the stand for life among the proposed recipients of the award, as well as at least one who claimed, in this newspaper, that those who spoke of the reality of abortions being performed at Garfield's Planned Parenthood clinic were lying.

It has been my experience that those most persuasive in the HSC have resisted taxpayer scrutiny without while pursuing ideological compliance within, and which now appears to include one county commissioner "overseer" who once stood against their funding of abortion in the not-too-distant past. My prayer is that there will be one who stands for something beyond the award he or she will receive and will speak on the value of human life. As a fictional detective said, "everybody counts or nobody counts"; that's the reality of abortion.

Betty Scranton

Cheyenne, Wyo.

We did not think it could be humanly possible for your reporter(?) and editor(?) to increase our disdain for your paper's total disregard for journalistic ethics.

In our opinion, you owe all members of law enforcement in our valley a profound apology for purposefully putting one of their own and his family in a potentially life-threatening situation.

Without getting into the weeds (or any other federally illegal substance), we believe we all understand why this was done. An agenda can be a dangerous thing.

We pray nothing bad comes of this travesty. Sleep well.

Tom and Jane Ashworth


While we were sleeping, martial law was declared on Tucson, Ariz.

This is the agenda of the Obama administration, to declare martial law on the U.S.A.

At that point there will be no 2016 elections for a new president, and forget the "term limits," as they don't apply.

Seriously, folks, we need to do something. Please sign the petition to stop this from coming to our great nation. We are the only free nation left on earth. Help keep it that way by doing your part.

"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."

Penny Miller

New Castle

I attended the public viewing of the Grand Avenue bridge project on March 7. I was shocked by the width of the proposed bridge. It doesn't fit Glenwood. It doesn't need to be so wide. It will have an unnecessarily extreme negative impact on all of the local properties and businesses along Grand Avenue between Seventh and Eighth streets.

I am equally concerned about the Access Control Plan. Eliminating signals and prohibiting left turns at Eighth and Grand, 10th and Grand, and other intersections will restrict options for traffic circulation downtown, and will make downtown even less pedestrian friendly than it already is. We need to maximize circulation options, not limit them. It is already difficult enough to cross Grand Avenue.

Where's the balance of priorities? CDOT's priority is to move traffic through Glenwood Springs as fast as possible. Our City Council's priority must be to promote the best interests of its citizens - including the vitality of downtown and the ability to circulate around town by foot, by bicycle and by car. Closing or restricting some intersections will just push traffic to other intersections, which will become more clogged.

The current plan is not in the best interests of Glenwood Springs. It puts CDOT's priorities way ahead of Glenwood Springs' priorities. It will create a "Great Wall of CDOT" through the middle of Glenwood. It might make life a little bit easier for commuters, but will surely make life a lot worse for the people who live, work, shop, walk, vacation, stay and dine in downtown Glenwood Springs. If the experts can't come up with a bridge design that fits Glenwood Springs and honors its values, we should just say no to CDOT's bridge money.

In the long run, we need a real bypass somewhere other than Grand Avenue. We all know Highway 82 will become busier in the coming decades. Neither the new bridge nor the access control plan will help the situation at all - they will just make the traffic faster, noisier and even more of a dividing line through the middle of Glenwood.

Glenn Chadwick

Glenwood Springs

I want to thank Councilor Todd Leahy for getting the information about the CDOT Access Plan for State Highways explained to us. The critical language is that it does not include land use in the execution of its code. Can this code be put on the city website and have Rosa email it to us to read and review?

Also, I have heard that CDOT received the directive from the Feds to repair the Grand Avenue Bridge, which got this bridge replacement scenario started. Can this notice be put on the city website and have Rosa email it to us to read and review?

Historically, Grand Avenue was our main street, and the city of Glenwood Springs gave the avenue and the bridge to CDOT to become the regional State Highway 82. What was a maintenance savings has become a loss to resident ownership.

We were told that a 2.5 mile bypass would cost $500 million, and then it was amended to $200 million. This cost estimate is without an environmental impact study - the same process used to create the beautiful I-70 in Glenwood Canyon.

Glenwood Springs has been a citizen initiative town: Citizens started the fee initiatives to repair Midland Avenue, build the Community Center, and the new Waste Treatment Plant when the city did not have the money to do so. The COP and the COA are done so we can proceed with the environmental impact study. Who is paying for the consultants? Why can't those funds be used to pay for an EIS?

On the ballot is the request for the citizens to approve the sale of land on Colorado Avenue to Garfield County. What is the physical address? What is the legal description? What is its appraised value? Most importantly, what will be done with the proceeds of the proposed sale? Can it be used to pay toward an environmental impact study?

Until I know what is to be done with this money, I must vote no, against the approval of the sale of city property.

Karen Price

Glenwood Springs

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