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March 14, 2013
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Last fall, I wrote a letter, miffed about the gate the DOW had placed at Canyon Creek to shut off fishing for crippled people and the old. Done so none could enjoy it, unless they were still healthy enough to walk over a mile round trip.

I was wrong. Come to find out, it was the all powerful DOT and not the DOW which placed the restrictive gate and fence.

Being a taxpayer, I realize how valuable the 4,000 to 6,000 pound concrete highway dividers and the reground pavement are; not to mention the mag-chloride-impregnated sand stored down near the water's edge. It's not stored up at the top of that property, no; it's clear down at the bottom.

Now that the theft has been negated of the 6,000 pound concrete pieces and the other highly sought after reground pavement and mag-chloride-impregnated sand, we the taxpayer's can relax.

What transpired was, someone didn't like a fisherman's pick up or wheel chair/walker-equipped van being close to where he loaded. Sad thing is, the DOT has carte blanche - the power to do whatever they feel like. Even sadder is the fact none of those brave souls spoke up to say, "We did the fence and gate, not DOW."

It was paid for with our tax dollars, it needs to come down. There's no earthly excuse for it, and it impedes use of state- and federally-owned lands for elderly and crippled people who choose to try and keep somewhat active, but cannot walk a mile to do so. Fishing licenses are costly, and this state's highway department tends to make it difficult to use one, once you've spent your $40 plus.

Someone get it right and let's get that damnable fence down, which protects nothing anyone would want, other than a joy of fishing. It might be used to protect something else, other than someone's wish to have no traffic in their special work areas.

Randy Smith

Glenwood Springs

Thank you, Art Rothman, for trying to combat lies with facts. What a breath of fresh air.

I keep coming back to why: Why are people willing to believe these lies, to vote for representatives who believe them. I always follow the money, and the money story has me really disturbed today.

Check out a YouTube video called "Wealth Inequality in America." Look it up. In fact, look up everything I, or anyone says. You can serve yourself and your country by checking information. is a good place to start if you don't want to do the work yourself. Don't parrot someone else's propaganda.

Anyway, this video portrays, in easy-to-understand graphics, what we think the income distribution is in this country, what 9 out of 10 of us (Democrats and Republicans) think it should be, and what is really is. You will be shocked.

The income distribution is beyond our comprehension. The top 1 percent own 40 percent of wealth in this country; they own 50 percent of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. The bottom 8 of out 10 of us own just 7 percent of the wealth, and the bottom 5 out of 10 of us own just 1/2 percent of investments.

In 1970, the top 1 percent received 9 percent of the national income. Today, they receive 24 percent of it. In 1970, the top tax rate was 78 percent; today it is 39 percent. And the economy was thriving. And if you think you are going to become one of them anytime soon, you aren't. You are not going to rise out of a $36,000 job, if you have one, to a $360,000 job in this lifetime. Nor your child.

So why do "they" keep winning? How do "they" manage to convince us to vote against ourselves? They have great access to advertisers, sociologists and marketing professionals. They twist the truth so that you accept a scary story that says your life will be much more miserable than it is now if you don't do what they say.

Don't believe them. Be suspicious of a rich person's motives.

Susan Rhea

Glenwood Springs

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