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April 4, 2013
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LETTER: At least we can agree on one thing

This letter is a response to the Ken Johnson's article "California Says: NO-NO to Fracking" in the March 29 edition.

I'm curious, what do you mean when you say "tossing science and evidence under the bus"? When it comes to oil companies, I think of Exxon, Shell, BP, et al. They really have a marvelous record when it comes to protecting the environment. Exxon ran an oil tanker aground in a sensitive inlet up north because the skipper was drunk; Shell can't seem to avoid islands in the Arctic while transporting equipment in that very sensitive area; and BP, well we all know what BP did. All these oil companies make record profits, and still collect government subsidies. I say why should we trust them with "fracking" which involves inserting dangerous chemicals into the ground where our water comes from? And why should we not demand to know what these chemicals are?

On the subject of guns, I would like to know why any reasonable "sportsman" needs a clip with more than eight rounds. When I was in the Army (you were my commanding officer) I could fire off eight rounds in five seconds and reload another clip in less that 20 seconds. What sportsman needs more firepower than that. My M1 was a semi-automatic rifle. Why does any sportsman need any kind of automatic weapon? Give wildlife a level playing field. They should be illegal for purchase. The Second Amendment was meant to allow people to use bows and arrows, swords, flint locks, etc. The Framers had no concept of automatic weapons.

When it comes to taxes, I'm sorry but I have to agree with you!

Wayne Flick


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