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April 11, 2013
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I feel for Marie Perez, whose child was bullied at Glenwood Springs High School. She is not alone, unfortunately. My family has also had to deal with this issue.

It is even more disturbing that our school district is giving lip service to a nationwide epidemic. They say there is zero tolerance for bullying, but their actions reflect differently.

I know that there has been bullying issues at Glenwood Elementary School, and the principal there has turned her back on the issue. I think you have done the right thing by pulling your child out of that environment. The educational system is becoming extremely competitive, with many alternative choices. There is no reason for parents to put up with a poor educational system and a school district that won't deal with important issues appropriately.

Our culture does not value life at any level and there are those that want to blame this sickness on guns. Why should we as a society be surprised when we witness the horror of mass shootings? We do not value life from conception, we do not value the differences in our children, and we turn our back on bullying by making excuses for the aggressor and blaming the victim.

There is also a lack of respect for those in authority across the board in our country. Our youth have no accountability for their actions and lack discipline. There is no respect for the elderly in this country. I could go on and on.

All these things are ignored by many; instead they want to claim that gun control will make us safer. Please. Until we start valuing human life from conception to death, we will continue to see horrible events unfold in our country and bullying will remain at epidemic levels.

Dorothy Bleakley

Glenwood Springs

A picture of former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz appeared in the Aspen Daily News. It came a day late. It should have been in the April Fool's Day edition. Not that I'm claiming that Mr. Wolfowitz is a fool; notwithstanding the similarity of his appearance to Howdy Doody. (Howdy was actually a dummy, not a fool.) The fools are the millions of Americans that let themselves be propagandized into supporting wars in the Middle East.

The only beneficiaries of those wars were the U.S. and British military-industrial complexes, the generals and other flag officers whose careers flourished, the media pundits and political advisors that hawked the war, Saudi Arabia, whose oil export prices remained high when Iraq's oil couldn't get to market, and the Israeli hard right that survives on fear and brutality. And, let's not forget, a second term for Bush and Cheney. He didn't make the mistake his dad made by ending the first Gulf War too early.

The American people got a massive recession that has decimated the net worth of the working people. Trillions of dollars have been stolen in the form of foreclosures, reductions in social benefits (even ones already paid for), inflated prices for fuel and other staples and a debt-creating educational system. We are paying for the wars, if not directly in extra taxes.

One of the oddities of Mr. Wolfowitz, something he apparently shares with a number of the so called "neo-con" security advisors of the U.S., is dual citizenship with Israel. It has only been allowed since a court decision in 1967. If you naturalize, you must give up your previous citizenship. Seeking foreign citizenship, working for a foreign government, or making an oath to a foreign state are grounds for forfeiting your U.S. citizenship. Exactly which country comes first in the minds of those with dual citizenship?

So why do you suppose that the Pitkin County Republicans thought he would be a suitable speaker, on, of all days, the first day of April?

Patrick Hunter


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