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April 12, 2013
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I am questioning President Obama's mindset when he is now asking for cuts to Social Security and veterans benefits. This is an outrage!

This is especially an outrage when his federal budgets waste billions of dollars each year. Part of this waste has been spending tax dollars on the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Veterans are having a hard time now getting help, let alone getting more of their benefits cut.

It appears that this is a political favor to the wealthy 1 percent for raising their taxes. It is also a way to protect future Pentagon cuts due to the sequester cuts.

This is also a teaser bargaining chip for the Republicans in Congress. President Obama is making these cuts to Social Security and veteran benefits so he can gain some political hay at the expense of hard-working Americans.

The American people who fall into the 99 percent - the middle class or lower income levels - should be outraged. This is what happens when we have Democrats and Republicans controlling our government. I am outraged. I hope you are, too. Calling the White House or members of Congress is OK, but I doubt if anyone there will listen.

At least there are a number of petitions protesting these cuts online that you can sign. Please sign these petitions or start your own.

Randy Fricke

New Castle

In a letter to the editor on April 4, Cheri Brandon asked the question, "What are our county commissioners doing spending money on the sage-grouse?"

She points out actions taken by the county commissioners regarding the sage-grouse issue. She references their retaining a biologist to study grouse habitat to the tune of $35,000. She also notes the expenditure of $20,000 to retain the Stewards of American Liberty to weigh in on the issue.

This is done under the broader topic of public lands and their uses and/or who ultimately has the responsibility for the management of those lands. This is a large issue for county commissioners in northwest Colorado, where much of the lands are in public ownership (66 percent in Garfield County). Collectively these commissioners have decided to expend political as well as real capital in this policy arena.

Does the average citizen think that county government has a relevant role in determining what policies should be on federally owned lands? If the grouse becomes listed as threatened or endangered by another federal agency, will that serve to restrict energy development on those lands or otherwise alter public uses?

Spending money with a political focus is pretty common for this board; so this isn't surprising to me. It also helps to explain why they would spend more than $1 million above the appraised value of a building, without an immediate plan for its use and place themselves in the role of landlords to private tenants. I think that is a questionable venture and not a common role for local government. It's been said, well, you get the government you deserve.

Dale Hancock

Glenwood Springs

Conservative Republican radio talk show host Rick Wiles has figured out why North Korea wants to attack the USA. His analogy is because America has embraced gay marriage. That settles it.

Carl Heck


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