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April 20, 2013
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Flow: 43 cfs

Rating: 8/10

Short and Sweet: We have been getting plenty of snow in and around Basalt this week, and we are happy to announce the Roaring Fork Valley is at 100 percent snow pack now! There have been issues here and there with snowmelt turning the lower Pan muddy, but as of today it has cleared back up. Baetis hatches are getting stronger daily, yet midges are primarily what the trout are eating. Fishing a baetis in tandem with a midge dry can be a good way to go. Nymph rigs should comprise of eggs, pheasant tails, black RS2s, mysis (near the dam) and Biot Baetis Emergers. The streamer bite is still quite good, especially on darker, cloudy days. Olive Slumpbusters are the ticket! Dry fly leaders still need to be long and tapered to 7x, nymphs do best on 5 and 6x. San Juan Worms are worth trying as well, with the sporadic flow raises due to snowmelt.

Appropriate Patterns:

Dries: Bill's midge Emerger 20-22, Foam Top RS2 20-22, Hatching Midge 20-22, Fryingpan Emerger 20-22, Morgans Parachute Midge 20-22, BWO No-Hackle 20-22, Collett's BWO Dry 20-22, Roy's Fryingpan Emerger 20-22

Nymphs: Plain Prince Nymph 20, Sparklewing RS2 20-22, Pandemic BWO 20-22, Black RS2 18-22, Biot Midge Emerger 20-22, Epoxy Mysis Shrimp 16-18, Tungsten Hoover Baetis 20-22, Bling Midge 20-24, Tim Heng's Mysis 16-18, Top Secret Midge 20-24, Oregon Cheese and Fire Orange Hot Tail Egg 12-14, Pheasant Tail 18-24, San Juan Worm 10

Streamers: Slumpbuster 6-8, Autumn Splendor 10, Sands Stinging Sculpin 6-8

Flow: 78 cfs below Maroon Creek; 188 cfs in Emma; and 417 cfs in Glenwood Springs

Rating: 6/10 above Basalt; 8/10 below Basalt

Short and Sweet: Again, we are very excited to announce a 100 percent snowpack here in the Roaring Fork Valley, and the snow still flies. We have been having the occasional "setback" cold and snowy day, which can make the fish a little temperamental, but the fishing really has been good if you hit it right. The flows can get high and muddy below the Crystal confluence this time of year, but at this point we are cleared back up. The streamer bite on floats has been outstanding, double streamer rigs do best. Cast these big flies close to the bank as possible, 4 or 5 strips or twitches usually suffices, then pick it up and throw it again. Fish are crushing Slumpbusters and Sculpzillas in white, black and olive.

BWOs are still hatching in heavy numbers, which has made the dry fly fishing and nymphing superb as well. Nymph rigs should consist of stonefly nymphs, eggs, Princes, and especially small, black baetis nymphs like the dark Sands STD. Dry fly fishing is superb, I personally watched one trout rise every 7 or 8 seconds to baetis for over an hour this week in Veltus Park down in Glenwood. Please keep clear of 3 and 4 mile to protect spawning fish.

Appropriate Patterns:

Dries: Bill's Midge Emerger 20-22, Morgans Parachute Midge 18-22, Collett's BWO, Griffith's Gnat 18-22

Nymphs: Biot Baetis Emerger 20-22, Twenty Incher 12-14, Cat Poop 8-12, Beaded Prince 16-18, B.O.B. Knights 18-22, Chocolate Thunder 18-22, Eggs 14-18, San Juan Worm 10, Juju Baetis 18-22, TC Red Midge 18-20, Ultra-bling RS2 18-20, Freestone Emerger 20-22, STD Dark and Pheasant Tail 18-20, Rainbow Warrior 18-20, Sparklewing RS2 18-20

Streamers: Sculpzilla 8, Zoo Cougar 6-8, Slumpbuster 6-8, Autumn Splendor 6-8

Flow: 116 above Carbondale

Rating: 5/10

Short and Sweet: Keep an eye on the flows, the Crystal has been getting fairly muddy due to heavy snow and resulting snow melt. Check out the Crystal if you don't want to see another angler all day! The Staircase is whitefish nirvana right now, and fishing is good at RVR as well. You'll see a mixed bag of baetis and midges, with good dry fly action mid-day. The farther you drive up 133, the better it gets most days.

Appropriate Patterns:

Dries: Collett's BWO 18-20, BDE 18-20, Parachute Adams 18-20, Sprout Midge 22, Bill's Midge Emerger 22

Nymphs: Copper John 18, Pheasant Tail 16-18, Hare's Ear 16, San Juan Worm 10-12, Biot Baetis Emerger 18-22, RS2 20, Swiss Straw Emerger 16-18

Flow: 1215 cfs in Glenwood Springs

Rating: 8/10 Don't hesitate to call us up for real-time information, 970 927 4374

Short and Sweet: Tons of snow and cooler temperatures have prolonged our Spring here in the Roaring Fork Valley, and we are happy to get all the precipitation we can get. The BWO hatches on the Colorado have been approaching biblical numbers, we haven't seen baetis hatch this heavily for years, if ever. Similar to the Roaring Fork, small and dark baetis nymphs are the ticket behind a stonefly, egg, or Prince. Caddis are still only sporadic, but a few more warm days will result in some "complex hatch" fishing for us. The streamer bite has been very good, black and olive flies are the way to go, even better fished in tandem.

As usual in the month of April, keep an eye on flows before venturing to the Collie, as we have had a few muddy days between the clear ones due to heavy snow and rain. Floats are always the optimal way to approach this mighty river, best fishing has been from 2 Rivers down. Wading spots to check out are No Name, Dino boat ramp, and the Newcastle bridge. Don't forget spawning closures along Grizzly and Canyon creeks.

Appropriate Patterns:

Dries: Idyl's Adult Midge, Fryingpan Emerger 18-20, Engle's Emergent Midge 16-22, Hi-Vis Griffith's Gnat 18-22

Nymphs: Swiss Straw Emerger 16-18, Flashtail Hot Egg 12-16, Cat Poop 6-8, D-Midge 18-20, Jujubee Midge 16-20, 20 Incher 10-12, Beaded Prince 16-18, TC Red Midge Larvae 16-20, BLM 18-20, Freestone Emerger 18-20, D Midge 18-20, Biot Midge Emerger 18-22, STD Dark 16-18

Streamers: Sands Stinging Sculpin 8, Stott's Ziwi 6, Stott's Sacrelidge 6, Autumn Splendor 8-10, Sculpzilla 6-8

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