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13,692 gallons of produced water spilled

RIFLE, Colorado ” EnCana Oil and Gas (USA) said Wednesday that 1,386 gallons of produced water spilled from a waterline rupture this week flowed into Mamm Creek.

A total of 13,692 gallons of produced water was released when the pipeline broke early Tuesday morning, said Doug Hock, a spokesman for the company. The water traveled about a half mile before it entered the creek. The incident occurred about five miles south of the Colorado River near County Road 336.

Hock said the waterline that malfunctioned was damaged by a contractor in July, and that the company made repairs to the pipeline.

However, the section that was repaired was “apparently over-pressurized.” The area where the earlier repair was made began to leak and later broke, Hock said.

Initial sampling of the released water conducted at points along a five mile distance from Mamm Creek to where it flows into the Colorado River by EnCana revealed no elevated concentrations of pollutants, Hock said. That may be due to the fact that water had gone through treatment for removal of hydrocarbons before it was placed in the line for eventual use in the company’s drilling operations.

Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, along with the county and municipalities downstream of Mamm Creek, have all been notified of the release.