Fitness business expands into Glenwood Springs |

Fitness business expands into Glenwood Springs

Drew Munro / Post Independent

GLENWOOD SPRINGS — Whether you're into pumping iron to build muscle mass, trying to lose weight and tone up or just seeking a healthier lifestyle, the new Midland Fitness in Glenwood Springs has a program for you.

The owners of Midland Fitness, Cathy Lee and Steve Wells, along with partner Jennifer Harbottle, opened the doors of the fitness center at the first of January and are excited to share their knowledge, expertise and top-of-the-line equipment with their new Glenwood area clientele.

Lee is a Colorado native and grew up in Glenwood Springs. She has a background in business. Wells is originally from New Jersey and moved to the valley in 2001. He is trained in sports medicine and has done athletic training, personal training and coaching for the past 24 years.

"We came together as partners and blend very nicely," Lee said.

They opened New Castle Family Fitness in New Castle in 2001 and began construction of the new Midland Fitness last fall.

"We opened [Midland Fitness] here because they asked us to," Wells said. "We felt the need from people up here who said they wished they had us upvalley as well."

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And while people may frequently drive from New Castle to Glenwood, it doesn't usually work the other way around.

"People won't drive from Glenwood Springs to New Castle," Lee said. "And the model we built in New Castle is not being offered in Glenwood Springs at all."

When real estate prices dropped during the recession, they purchased the building located off of Midland Avenue next to the Habitat Re-Store and Sopris Lighting.

Midland Fitness prides itself on its services with highly trained and knowledgeable personal trainers. And the clients attest to the effectiveness of having a personal trainer.

"In the past few years, I have noticed that many of my preferred activities were beginning to become more and more difficult physically, to say nothing of the few extra pounds I was carrying," said Steve Zeder, of Big Horn Toyota GM. "By chance, I met Nate [Rand] at a business function and decided to sign up for a few training sessions. I couldn't be happier with Nate and the Midland/New Castle facilities. I never realized how important proper form and technique is to maximize your workout and safety. Since I have started working with [Nate], I am now stronger, lighter and feel better than I have in the last decade. It has been an excellent investment in both time and money."

Tyler Nicholson of Avalanche Computers has worked with Jennifer Harbottle at New Castle Family Fitness for the past three years.

"She has kept me on the ice and out of the doctor's office," Nicholson said. "The conditioning, along with the stretching, really helps me stay out of pain."

There are a number of programs offered at the Midland depending on your workout and fitness goals.

MaxxFit is a program that goes beyond just pumping iron.

"Our MaxxFit is a functional training program that focuses on safety and increasing mobility, balance and coordination," Wells said. "You don't just go in there and pound weights. It's for all levels, and the trainers will tailor it for you."

The Variety Pack focuses on keeping your workout interesting and exciting.

"There's something new every 30 days," Wells said. "It's extensive training and cardio that by eliminating the boredom and keeping you guessing. The [theme] of each month is chosen by the trainer."

Functional training at the fitness center utilizes the latest in workout equipment.

"We have unique pieces [of equipment] that nobody has," Wells said. "We have excellent entertainment on our cardio machines that have a 17-inch monitor and a Lifescape program where you can run or bike through a virtual landscape."

The group exercise room, where classes for yoga and Tai Chi are held, are equipped with the latest in workout gadgets and gear.

The popular Silver Sneakers program for those 65 and older, focuses specifically on seniors' needs including weights, cardio, balance, coordination and flexibility.

"There are a lot of seniors in the area," Wells said. "Many people don't know this program is covered by most supplemental insurance, such as AARP. We offer it in New Castle, and it's picking up here."

And the healthy activities carry on past the physical exercise. The "Un-Wind" program offers chiropractic services, an esthetician and massage therapy.

And when it's all over, nothing tastes like a healthful shake following a rigorous workout. Midland Fitness says theirs are "the most healthy shakes found anywhere in the world."

The smoothie drinks are made with fruits and vegetables with no added sugars, artificial ingredients or colors and are fat-free and lactose-free.

"They're healthy, all-natural ingredients, and I think ours is the only smoothie bar in town," Wells said. "You can sit and drink them in the bar/seating area after your workout or while waiting for an appointment."

A series of free "Live Well" workshops will be held beginning at the end of this month. The first will be "Stretch Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself," at 5:30 p.m. on Feb. 27.

There are several different types of memberships at Midland Fitness, depending on what programs and services you want to use. Memberships can be purchased short term from one to three months or annually.

Midland Fitness is open from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday and is closed on Sunday.

For more information about Midland Fitness, visit or call (970) 945-4440.

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