Starbucks opening at former Glenwood Arby’s site |

Starbucks opening at former Glenwood Arby’s site

Glenwood Springs soon will have a cluster of Starbucks coffee shops to rival major cities — three within six blocks.

The former Arby's at 2115 Grand Ave. will reopen sometime this fall as a Starbucks, a spokeswoman for the Seattle-based company confirmed Friday. (As if the sign on the building wasn't enough, but journalists have to verify these things.)

The spokeswoman could not be more specific about the planned opening date.

The new, freestanding store will be just a block from a Starbucks outlet in the Safeway store at 2001 Grand and half a mile from a Starbucks in City Market at 1410 Grand.

"The surrounding licensed Starbucks stores located at the City Market and Safeway will remain open for business as usual," said the spokeswoman, who did not provide her name per corporate policy.

Of course the City Market Starbucks is on the opposite side of the street from the other two, so no one needs to make a left turn across traffic to get their latte or red eye.

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In 2012, no American lived more than 140 miles from a Starbucks, and more than 80 percent of Americans lived within 20 miles of one, according to research by James Davenport at the University of Washington.

Similar research has not been conducted regarding Arby's. The beef-centric fast-food chain closed the Grand Avenue store July 20 on short notice, leaving 15 people out of work.

Starbucks plans to employ 20-25 people at the new store. Hiring is under way, the company spokeswoman said. Apply at

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