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Alexander (A.J.) Hobbs for Carbondale Town Council

A.J. Hobbs
Carbondale trustee candidate

Alexander Hobbs

My name is A.J. Hobbs, my friends call me Xander, and I am running for a seat on the Carbondale Town Council. I am a Roaring Fork Valley native with a local mindset and global goals. I am an idealist; dreamer and visionary but realize the reality of issues and problems and address them with logic and practicality.

I truly believe that humans are genuinely good people if given the opportunity. The opportunities that I am so grateful for being gifted growing up in this incredible area such as clean water, fresh air, healthy food, access to nature, a supportive community and the ability to be myself.

On a global level, I want to make sure that everyone has these basic needs met and is given an opportunity to reach their highest potential. In order to achieve this ambitious goal we must start small. First working on ourselves, then our family and friends, then our community and let this positive ripple spread to all. I can think of no better place to start this ripple than Carbondale, the Roaring Fork Valley and Colorado, which is why I am passionate and driven to be involved in this community.

To achieve this I will use the five following guiding principles: Health, Vitality, Prosperity, Community and Sustainability. By using these guiding principles I believe we can create a world that provides space for individuality and personal growth while working past our differences to unite and solve common issues and problems. One of the most important problems that we must address is the environment we are all a product of and depend on in order to sustain life. Because it does not matter how much money we make, how much energy we produce or how big we can build something if we cannot drink the water, breathe the air, and eat the food.

Although the issue of climate change and the environment is a daunting task, it's also a wonderful opportunity to analyze the way we are doing things and make positive changes for the benefit of current and future generations. It all begins with education and I have found the best source of education to be the people around me doing things. The local farmers have an abundance of knowledge about the land and what plants and foods can grow here and how they can benefit us. The climbers know more about rock formations and geology than their conversation may lead you to believe. The business owners will know firsthand what is working financially and provide input for improvement. This is community. This is communication. This is Listening. If elected I will utilize my communication skills, open my mind and listen to your ideas and concerns and bring this information into the legislative and decision-making process.

I hope to couple these grand goals and visions with my education and experience, bringing a practical balance to problem solving while keeping the big picture in mind. My education as a civil engineer has honed my critical thinking and problem solving skills. Sitting as the treasurer for the Carbondale Community Food Coop gives me a look into the business sector and financial standing of the town. Acting as the Town of Carbondale Energy Advisory Board representative I get to communicate with oil and gas industry, local governments and the public. It is time to use our collective knowledge and create a better world.

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My goal in running for Town Council is to continue making Carbondale a role model town for sustainability, lifestyle and culture in the 21st century that inspires other towns and cities. Every drop creates a ripple. Let's make Carbondale's drop positive and effective.

Feel free to email me at:, or join the Facebook group:

If you would like to contribute to the campaign it is greatly appreciated and the money will be going toward food supplies to feed people with delicious, nutritious food. However, I kindly encourage you to contribute to a nonprofit or cause that supports the community in lieu of my campaign. Here are a few of my favorites:

• Carbondale Community Food Coop

• Thompson Divide Coalition

• Roaring Fork Education Foundation

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