Backcountry party busted due to underage drinking |

Backcountry party busted due to underage drinking

Staff Report

An underage party Saturday night off of Four Mile Road resulted in 17 minors being ticketed for possession of alcohol, one ticket for possession of marijuana and one arrest on an outstanding warrant.

One person was taken to Valley View Hospital due to severe intoxication.

A routine Forest Service patrol encountered the party at around 11:30 p.m. Aug. 2 and requested backup from the Garfield County Sheriff's Office due to the number of people involved. According to a statement released Wednesday, between 20 and 25 vehicles were parked along the road when deputies arrived, at which point many of those present ran off into the woods. A search of the forest flushed out a score of youngsters.

Those who received tickets were instructed to clean up the area, which was littered with trash, beer and liquor bottles and roughly 50 wood pallets intended for the fire. In addition to working to ensure public safety, litter is one of several reasons the Forest Service conducts patrols.

According to the report, law enforcement left the scene around 4 a.m., and the area was clean by the following afternoon.

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