Bear breaks into Canyon Creek garage |

Bear breaks into Canyon Creek garage

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A bear entered the garage of a Canyon Creek home on Wednesday night, creating "a heck of a mess," according to the homeowner, by ripping down shelves getting into a fridge and freezer.

The Department of Wildlife has set up a trap and intends to relocate the bear. Bears are considered aggressive only if they enter a home through a locked door or window, and since the garage door was left slightly ajar, this bear won't be a candidate for euthanasia unless it's already tagged for creating problems, District Wildlife Manager Dan Cacho explained.

Bear activity has been on the rise lately, with several incidents upvalley. Cacho blamed a relatively late crop of berries and the allure of fruit trees and garbage in town for the trend.

"They're going to be coming into town," Cacho asserted. "I don't think folks should be worried about it, but I think they should be vigilant and taking away any attractants those bears could be smelling."

That includes cleaning up fallen fruit from trees and making sure garbage isn't left out. He noted that while many area homeowners have bear-resistant garbage cans, it's important to latch them properly.

"If people would just put a little extra effort in and help us with these bears, I think it'd go a long way."

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