City ready to proceed with 2 street projects |

City ready to proceed with 2 street projects


The city of Glenwood Springs is moving forward to put two street projects out to bid, totaling about $1 million each and involving a pair of neighborhoods that have been neglected for some time, according to assistant city engineer Steve Vanderleest.

One is the Vista Drive neighborhood off Donegan Road in West Glenwood near the Glenwood Springs Golf Club.

The circle loop includes about 20 houses just west of the golf course. The neighborhood has had to put up with crumbling streets for several years, and is one of the many subdivisions in West Glenwood that was developed before the area was annexed into the city some 30 years ago, Vanderleest said.

The work will involve replacing the main water line that serves the area, and the city will also work with the West Glenwood Sanitation District to reconstruct the sewer line at the same time, he said.

Full curb and gutter improvements and a complete street reconstruction will top off the project.

Residents of the area did object at a meeting with city staff last week to a proposal to turn the street into a one-way loop, Vanderleest said.

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Doing so would have saved on construction costs, he said. But with input from about 90 percent of the residents of the area who said they would prefer to maintain a two-way street, that will be the plan, he said.

"We will evaluate bids, however, due to budget constraints," Vanderleest explained in a letter to residents of the area announcing the project. "There is a possibility that the project may be delayed until 2015 if construction costs are too high."

City staff also met last week with residents and property owners along Sopris Avenue and 29th Street, where similar street work is planned this year.

The plan in that area is also for new water line replacement, curb and gutter and street reconstruction, with new 5-foot sidewalks to replace the existing 3-foot sidewalks, according to the city's project description.

Both the Vista Drive and Sopris/29th projects are expected to be put out for bid in April, Vanderleest said.

"Both of these projects have been on our list for quite some time, especially Sopris," he said. "We have wanted to replace that water line for several years, and it makes sense to take care of the street work at the same time."

Part of the funding for the Sopris Avenue project, about $380,000, comes from a Garfield Federal Mineral Lease District grant. Both the Sopris/29th and Vista Drive projects are estimated at about $1.1 million to complete, Vanderleest said.

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