Competition rewards students who walk, bike to school |

Competition rewards students who walk, bike to school

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Garfield Clean Energy and CLEER (Clean Energy Economy for the Region) will host the 2014 Bike & Walk Challenge, April 15–17, at schools throughout Garfield County.

The Challenge is a three-day competition between classes at each participating school, as well as a higher-level competition between schools across the county.

The winning school in the county will get a $750 prize to buy or repair playground or gymnasium equipment. Cash awards of $300 or $150 will be given to the second- and third-place schools.

The Challenge provides cash rewards for the top three classrooms at each school. The Challenge is a competitive event that helps students and families reduce their use of petroleum and adopt active lifestyles. The purpose is to promote and encourage healthy student behavior through active transportation.

For the past five years, CLEER and GCE have organized the Bike & Walk to School Challenge for elementary and middle schools from Parachute to Carbondale, as a project of Garfield Clean Energy.

In 2013, 12 schools from Parachute to Carbondale competed, involving more than 5,000 students and staff. Bea Underwood Elementary won the competition. Carbondale Middle School came in second, and Carbondale Community School, where two students rode their horses to school, placed third.

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Altogether, the 5,575 students reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 21,098 pounds, reduced vehicle costs (fuel, wear and tear, etc.) by $37,574, and burned 232,603 calories.

For more information about the Bike and Walk to School Challenge, visit and look for the link under the "Transportation" tab.

CLEER and GCE are also seeking sponsors for the 2015 event. To learn more about sponsorship, please contact Maisa Metcalf at 704-9200.

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