Glenwood police board school bus over obscene gestures |

Glenwood police board school bus over obscene gestures

Glenwood Springs police pulled over an Re-1 school bus Tuesday morning after getting a report that a passenger had been making obscene gestures.

An officer boarded the bus and contacted an elementary school student who fit the description and was seated in the right location.

Police later discovered that a high school student had gotten off the bus earlier and that the elementary school student had taken his seat. Officers spoke with the high schooler, who was determined to be the actual source of the obscenity. They also met with the elementary school student and his parents.

"We feel it's kind of resolved," said Re-1 Superintendent Diana Sirko. "The Glenwood police are great about working with us about things like this."

According to Glenwood Police Chief Terry Wilson, his department has no special policies for pulling over or boarding a school bus, although it doesn't happen often.

"It's very rare," said Wilson, who has been chief for 22 years. "I can't remember the last time we got on a school bus."

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