Silt water tests negative for VOCs |

Silt water tests negative for VOCs

SILT — Results from water sampling tests of a resident's drinking water show that all VOCs (volatile organic compounds) were below detectable limits, according to Utility Director Jack Castle.

The tests were conducted after resident Peggy Tibbetts last month claimed that the drinking water was making her sick and that more testing of the water was needed.

At a Feb. 17 meeting with the Garfield County commissioners, town officials assured the commissioners that the town's water supply is routinely tested in accordance with state and federal requirements and meets water quality standards.

The latest tests were taken from a fire hydrant located 100 feet from Tibbetts' home and came back last week.

"There was not a single problem," said Mayor Pro-Tem Rick Aluise, who has maintained all along that the notion the town's water was not being tested and was making anyone sick was "ridiculous. … Nothing was detected at all."

Tibbetts had suggested that the water be monitored more closely and pointed at a 2004 incident in which methane gas initially associated with a bad Encana gas well was discovered seeping into West Divide Creek.

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Castle said he performs all the water testing required by the state.

"We test regularly — everybody in the United States has to — it's an EPA requirement," Castle said. "I think that's where a lot of the misunderstanding was. We used to only have to test every three years, but they changed the schedule and now we test every year. There are also some tests I do daily, some tests I do weekly and some tests I do monthly."

Castle said he has not heard anything more from Tibbetts.

"I have not spoken to her, nor has anyone else to my knowledge," Castle said.

Tibbetts could not be reached for comment.

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