Suspected flasher was covered in frosting and blood |

Suspected flasher was covered in frosting and blood

Matthew Little

A police officer investigating reports of a flasher in Glenwood Springs last week encountered a shirtless man with what appeared to be frosting and blood on his bare chest, according to arrest affidavit for Matthew Little, 35, of Glenwood.

Several witnesses reported seeing Little expose himself to people, including several small children, along the new outdoor dining area on the 300 block of Seventh Street on the afternoon of July 28. Others said they saw him choke and threaten a woman in the same area.

The woman, who turned out to be seven weeks pregnant with Little's child, ultimately corroborated the story. She said the incident began as an argument, with Little calling her racial slurs, and escalated. Although she admitted to throwing a punch to defend herself, her testimony shed no light on either the blood or frosting observed by the arresting officer.

Little was handcuffed while police investigated the situation and ultimately arrested for public indecency, a petty offense; harassment, a misdemeanor; and second-degree assault, a felony. The charges will be treated as domestic violence for the purposes of sentencing.

As of Wednesday evening, Little was being held at Garfield County Jail on a $5,000 bond.

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