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Sweet ColoraDough bakery gets love from national blog

Just how good a start could a local business have?

First, Sweet ColoraDough, Glenwood Springs' first fresh-baked doughnut shop in more than a decade, got off to a hot start this month by offering a free doughnut to all visitors. The store at 2430 S. Glen Ave. is packed most mornings.

Now, the bakery is being hyped by the blog curbed.com, a popular Seattle-based real estate blog that was bought last year by Vox Media.

Citing the difficulty of baking at altitude, ski.curbed.com praises Sweet ColoraDough: "Happily, a new bakery in Glenwood Springs gives the ski town-bound (and potheads) a new option. Sweet ColoraDough, owned and operated by Aaron and Anne Badolato, opened on May 15, and has been packing them in ever since."

Well, the doughnuts are great for everybody. We might as well get used to the pot references in national media. They think it's funny and apparently wish they were here.

The Post Independent's John Stroud provided a more sober view earlier this month.

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Owner Aaron Badolato was thrilled to hear about the publicity, and said the store is rolling forward. He said bagels, a full deli and Colorado-based alcohol bar will open in June. "It's phenomenal," he said.

In national media circles, Vox is at the cutting edge of hip, having been founded by Wonkblog manager Ezra Klein, who bolted from the Washington Post after it reportedly wouldn't finance his Vox concept.

And, before all the national celebrities come to scarf up the treats, we locals have today and tomorrow to still get a free doughnut.

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