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Letter: Danger to public lands

I am a lifelong hunter and angler, a veteran, 40-year resident of Colorado and a lifetime member of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. I would like to express my disappointment at Rep. Scott Tipton's assisting and approving of the passage of the legislative measure brought forth by Utah Congressman Bishop to ease the transfer of America's and Colorado's public lands to state control. We, the citizens of Colorado, cannot afford this financial burden and, in the words of Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper, "Shifting the burden of maintaining and protecting those lands to the state would be expensive and irresponsible."

When state funds are low, it will sell such properties to the highest bidder and leave Colorado citizens out of our birthright.

I have hunted and fished near Craig, Salida, Burlington, Grand Junction and Aspen, helping fund Colorado's $17.4 billion outdoor economy. I have met and been checked by CPW/BLM employees once. In preparing to hunt these areas, an individual must look over/scout some spots many times. I have never encountered a road grader or crew repairing these roads. Somehow the state of Colorado will now have funds to employ more people to manage the lands better?

Please remember, you will still be responsible for Colorado's clean water, clean air, litigation encountered and pray no wolves wander down to Colorado because now we have an endangered species we must protect.

I read on Tipton's Facebook page 47 comments concerning the public lands exchange. I did not see a single thank you for representing the interests of the residents of Colorado.

Idaho has sold more than 13,900 acres every year since statehood to make some professional politician look good, not to represent his/her constituents. Unfortunately, with Tipton's help we are heading down that path.

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Rick Seymour

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