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Letter: Recycle center idea

Here's an idea that I would like City Council to pursue: Contact Wal-Mart and see if it would like to "donate" the very far north end of its "back-door entrance" lot to the city to be used as the recycling center. The far north area of this lot is always empty and just sits there unused. The city could assist with the initial fencing, and provide the ongoing maintenance of the donated area.

Wal-Mart could write off the donation on a monthly basis — saving money. The City Council would be able to save face and actually do right by its residents. And the people of Glenwood would be able to keep their in-town recycling center. Wal-Mart might even get a little additional business since traffic to the area would increase.

This sounds like a win-win-win situation for the city, Wal-Mart, and the people of Glenwood. Government and local businesses pulling together for the benefit of all. Nice.

Dave Heyliger
Glenwood Springs

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