An apology from the DMV for poor service |

An apology from the DMV for poor service

The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles apologizes for the service and inconvenience that Sara Garton experienced at our Glenwood Springs office. This is not the type of service that any Colorado resident should receive at any state office. We sincerely apologize to Ms. Garton and to all customers of the Glenwood Springs office.

Reducing wait times statewide is one of our major priorities. The governor's objective, which has been supported by the Colorado General Assembly, is to reduce the average wait time in all drivers' license offices to 15 minutes. We know that it will take some time to meet that goal, but please understand that we are working on it.

Last year was a very challenging year for the Division of Motor Vehicles. Due to long-term funding problems, we were required to hold open vacancies at offices statewide. On July 1, the DMV was given the funding necessary to hire all open vacancies. Unfortunately, last year Glenwood Springs was significantly impacted by this situation, and that office is one of our top priorities for hiring new employees. We are currently interviewing prospective new employees.

System outages have also been an issue in all our offices. As part of the governor's objective to reduce office wait times, we are currently in the initial steps of replacing our outdated information technology system. The new system will not only allow our employees to better serve our customers, but will also have increased reliability, eliminating the outages that were experienced by Ms. Garton and other customers at the Glenwood Springs Office.

On behalf of the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles, I once again sincerely apologize for Ms. Garton's experience. We will do better. The funding we have received will help us improve the driver's license experience for all of our customers. The Glenwood Springs office is a priority.

Mike Dixon, senior director

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